How to contact WBTV with a News Tip

Reach out to WBTV News. We’re on your side and want to help.
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Published: May. 2, 2023 at 5:15 PM EDT|Updated: Aug. 11, 2023 at 10:23 AM EDT
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WBTV is committed to digging deeper into the issues and stories that impact you and others in our community. We need your help to tell those stories!

Have a story that you want to share? Have an incident you want to bring to our attention? Have concerns or questions about something happening in your neighborhood, city, or town? Have a problem we can look into? Reach out to WBTV. We’re on your side and want to help.

Contact us with a tip by emailing our newsroom at

Before sending a news tip, please read below about the process.
What Makes a Good News Tip? 📄

Be concise and provide us with specific details about the issue. A good local news tip should be specific about when and where the problem occurred. Tips should provide a clear understanding of the problem and the public impact of the story. Please make sure to include any evidence supporting your story. Strong evidence is imperative for a news story to be told. Examples of evidence to provide include documentation such as a police report, email exchanges, phone screen grabs, photos, or video.

What’s next after a tip is submitted? 📄

We review all tips that come into the newsroom, but a response is not guaranteed. A reporter or other newsroom staffer could reach back out to ask further questions or for further evidence before committing to a story. A callback on a story tip does not guarantee a story will be aired. Please leave us with the best email and phone number to contact you at. You may be asked to go on camera as part of our story.

» The email listed above is reserved for story tips. If you have a comment or feedback concerning a newscast or programming, please email

News tips or story ideas could include:

🔴 Breaking News

If you see something urgent happening in your neighborhood call 704-374-3500 or email to report breaking news.

You can also send WBTV a tweet or Facebook message.

📰 Getting Answers

What’s impacting you? From neighborhood potholes to rezoning proposals, let us know which issues are important to you, your family, and your community.

🔎 Investigative: On Your Side

Digging deeper: The WBTV Investigates team works every day to uncover corruption, expose wrongdoing and help people. If you have information about something you think the public needs to know, email us or find the number for our tipline here.

Good News

We want to hear about good news happening in our community, too!

Reach out to us with your stories of hope and inspiration. Share with us the good things that people, businesses, and organizations in your community are doing that you feel should be highlighted.

🤔 Good Question

“What are the signs that I’m being scammed?” “Who controls the colors of Charlotte’s skyline?

Weeknights, On Your Side Tonight with Jamie Boll gets answers to your questions! Have an idea for a Good Question segment? Submit them here.

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