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  ‘What life is like after a stroke, I’ve lived it.’ Charlotte doctor on her work to save people from strokes is personal

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  Churches being used to help tackle mental illness

  ‘Look at our miracle. It’s not always sad’, Charlotte couple shares infertility journey

  How families can cope with trauma after deadly UNC Charlotte shooting

  ‘The journey is long’: Columbine survivor’s message for UNC Charlotte community

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  ‘A little bell went off in my head.’ Heart attack survivor’s critical message for women

It’s the number one killer of women: heart disease. The statistics are staggering as 1 in 3 women will die from a heart attack in their lifetime.

  Breaking the Stigma of Hospice Care: ‘It’s not about death.’

When many hear the word hospice, they only equate it with end of life, and dying. But it’s so much more – and provides a critical service.

CRVA to review pay policies

The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority is proud of the figures connected to this year's CIAA basketball tournament. Its Chief Executive Officer Tim Newman shared the news with board members this morning. "We