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  Artist who created age progression photo of missing Asha Degree explains process

A forensic artist with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is the person who envisions what a missing child would look like today by creating age-progression photos.

  Bunker Labs: Nonprofit helps veterans start businesses

  CMPD changing policy after man has heart attack in custody and later dies

  JCSU, UNC Charlotte and Queens University team up to tackle racial healing

  WBTV hidden camera investigation captures stem cell sales pitch doctor calls ‘misleading’

  Movement at Eastland: City files rezoning petition for MLS development

  Judge in Silent Sam case had frequent contact with UNC lawyer in days before lawsuit was filed

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  Charlotte Death Cafes held to talk more openly about dying

  Money, Politics and Panthers: Charlotte elected leaders receive donations from Panthers brass right before MLS talks

  What you need to know about the Republican National Convention and how it works

  Death doulas provide emotional support, education during the process of dying

  Charlotte’s own Elevator Jay represents southern rap with his own twist

  Alcohol-related deaths rise among women

  Judge blasts ‘lies’, errors in 1976 rape case, but Ronnie Long stays in prison for now

Ronnie Long’s five-decade fight to overturn his rape conviction was dealt a significant blow this week when federal judges acknowledged that police corrupted the original investigation but refused to reopen the Concord man’s case.

  DJ Chuck T educates, provides opportunities for Carolina artists in the music industry

Chuck T’s goal isn’t just to help artists get to the top, it’s to teach them the ins and outs of the business.

  Elder Response Initiative helping seniors living in Charlotte areas affected by gentrification

Neighbors in University Park Community off Beatties Ford Road say they are approached regularly by people who want to buy their homes. They say this is due to gentrification. They claim people want to come and buy their homes for less so they can turn a profit.

  Charlotte reverend aims to change the way people think about church

He says it's not about converting anyone or finding new members. It's about changing perceptions of church and welcoming people from all beliefs and backgrounds.

  Former Panther Mike Tolbert plans to open boxing studio in SouthPark area

  MLS announcement doesn’t come with details of taxpayer dollars for soccer project

  Plan to protect Excelsior Club moves forward, unclear if that will save the building

  Victim’s mom disappointed in judge after teen murder suspect released on bond, no ankle monitor

  Council members reach consensus on funding for future Charlotte MLS franchise stadium

  Children of wartime veterans scramble to repay money after state makes last-minute cut to scholarship

  Sources: Major League Soccer to announce Charlotte as newest franchise

Sources confirmed to WBTV Thursday that Major League Soccer (MLS) will announce Charlotte as the newest franchise. The announcement is expected to happen on December 17.

  Ron Rivera addresses being fired by Panthers: ‘Get ready for the next chapter’

The Carolina Panthers announced Tuesday that the team has parted ways with Head Coach Ron Rivera after nine seasons, according to a statement released by team owner David Tepper.

  NC voting machine reliability brought up as concern after issues with similar machines in other state

The North Carolina State Board of Elections is taking a closer look at voting machines they plan on purchasing after the same company’s machines were part of an election nightmare in a county in Pennsylvania.

  New congressional maps in North Carolina will stand for 2020, court rules

A three-judge panel ruled Monday that new congressional maps passed by state lawmakers last month can stand for the 2020 election. The court also opened filing for U.S. House candidates.

  ‘Brooklyn: Once a City Within a City’ Museum exhibit tells story of historic Charlotte neighborhood

There's a new exhibit at the Levine Museum of the New South entitled Brooklyn: Once a City Inside a City. Once upon a time Brooklyn was the largest African American community in the Carolinas.

  Local couple says vacation ruined - Blames travel agent

One local couple says their vacation was ruined and they did their best to get their money back. They got the state involved and pleaded their case with their credit card company and banking institutions. They were fortunate to get about 80% of their money back.

European prison officials visit units inspired by their systems, speak to wardens

Jan Strømnes is a Deputy Warden at Halden Prison in Norway.

Super PAC support for Republican Women in 2020

Right now, there are only 13 Republican women serving in the U.S. House, the lowest number since 1995.Republicans say they want to change that.

  District Attorney responds to violence in Charlotte, says community approach is solution

District Attorney Spencer Merriweather says one of the most unsettling things he’s seen this year is the amount of teenagers and young adults pulling triggers to solve an argument.

  ‘Murdered by a coyote.’ State and local officials respond to pet deaths in Charlotte

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is responding to a spate of fatal coyote attacks on pets in south Charlotte, warning cat and dog owners to keep their furry pals inside or on a leash.

  WBTV’s Eric Thomas performing at Charlotte Has Talent to raise money for foster children

The event is happening in Charlotte on Saturday, Nov. 16 at the Booth Playhouse Blumenthal Performing Arts Center from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

South Carolina continuing to phase in new trackable temporary license plates

The new temporary license plates have a unique alphanumeric code that can be traced back to the owner of the newly-purchased vehicle.

  Woman reverses Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis

A diagnosis isn’t a be-all end-all. Instead, it can be a new beginning. Just ask Jonna Bishop Bingham.

  Proposed sales tax increase rejected in Mecklenburg County

A proposed sales tax increase to benefit the arts is expected to be rejected in Mecklenburg County Tuesday night.

  Justices struggle with copyright case involving pirate ship

The Supreme Court is wrestling with a modern-day dispute involving the pirate Blackbeard's ship that went down off North Carolina's coast more than 300 years ago

  OrthoCarolina physician assistant a driving force behind NASCAR race teams

OrthoCarolina's Dr. Bill Heisel embarked on uncharted territory when he started caring for race teams 15 years ago. Now, he's become a vital part of the sport.

  WBTV Investigates: Construction Corruption

The WBTV Investigates team is looking at some of the biggest, most glaring issues in the construction industry and how they’re leaving consumers vulnerable.

  CMS School Board considers establishing an Office of Compliance and Transparency

Mecklenburg School Board (CMS) is one step closer to establishing an Office of Compliance and Transparency. This new office will provide CMS the oversight needed to make sure the district stays above the law.

  ‘I’m doing what I can to stay positive, but the rest is up to God and science’; Charlotte woman on being diagnosed with breast cancer at 30

It’s part of a troubling trend, experts say. More young women being diagnosed in their 20s and 30s.

  Mooresville man hospitalized after complications from vaping

After 15 years of smoking cigarettes, Andrew Doss turned to vaping about a year ago in hopes to eventually kick the habit.

  Going from Central Park 5 to Exonerated 5: Kevin Richardson’s story

Richardson and the four others were exonerated in 2002. He says they have not received an apology from the people who were responsible for putting them behind bars.

  Mecklenburg tax collector to go after delinquent Medic bills. Your wages may be seized

Medic patients could soon see their wages or bank accounts seized to pay for overdue bills - plus extra fees, the county announced Tuesday.

  Study says low marriage rate related to lack of ‘economically attractive’ men

The study says women are facing a surplus of men who don’t have stable careers or incomes. Researchers say marriage is still based on love, but it’s also a big economic decision.

  Time flies when traffic doesn’t: Congestion costs Charlotte drivers 57 hours a year

Drivers in metro Charlotte spend 57 hours a year stuck in traffic delays, says the annual Urban Mobility Report by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. Evening rush hour has the biggest delays, the report says, and congestion builds through the week to peak on Fridays.

  ‘We don’t have many safe spaces.’ Local group supports Breastfeeding Moms of Color

The disparity between black women who breastfeed and women of other races is striking. But a local group is working to change that.

  DA Merriweather: Change in officer-involved shooting protocols not tied to recent shootings

In an interview with WBTV, Merriweather said he had been thinking about making the change for more than a year.

  New program at Johnson C Smith to help more mothers of color breastfeed is first in the country

The new program, in its inaugural year at JCSU, plans to diversify the field by recruiting women of color to become lactation consultants.

  Cutting edge technology being used by orthopedic surgeons at Charlotte hospital

Using a robot to perform knee or hip replacement surgery? It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds.

USDA: Washing raw chicken puts you at risk of foodborne illness

The government has a new warning out about raw poultry that has some people skeptical.

  Secondhand vaping dangers for children: Are you putting them at risk?

We know secondhand smoke from traditional cigarettes is dangerous... but, what about secondhand vaping?

  Lime says Charlotte e-scooter riders have passed the million-mile mark

Lime, one of the three companies operating electric scooters in Charlotte, says its riders have crossed the 1 million-mile mark in the city.

  Lyft offers low-cost rides to Charlotte food pantries, grocery stores for families living in food deserts

Lyft has teamed up with a local food pantry chain to provide transportation for families living in food deserts in the Charlotte area.

  Career fair in Mecklenburg Co. Jail is getting the job done

Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden wants to keep Career Fairs going inside the jails. The Career Fair has been happening for years and McFadden wants to take it to the next level. So far this year there have been two Career Fairs inside the Mecklenburg County Jail.

  Exploring the striking racial disparity between mothers ahead of Black Breastfeeding Week in August

Next month marks the sixth annual Black Breastfeeding Week, observed the last week of August. It’s an effort to raise awareness and highlight this disparity.

  Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper wants new retractable roof stadium

Your Carolina Panthers could be getting a stadium with a retractable roof. David Tepper, the team’s owner, has made it very clear he wants to make this happen so Charlotte can be a household name for sports and entertainment.

  Ride-sharing safety bill headed to governor’s desk after NC General Assembly approval

The bill now goes to Gov. Roy Cooper for his signature.

  Lyft offering discounted ride program to address local ‘food insecure’ households

A pilot program designed by Lyft will offer assistance to households in need in two Charlotte neighborhoods starting next month.

  Celebrating 70 Years: Veteran WBTV reporter speaks on historic news event

After 70 years of being on air, WBTV has a lot to reminisce on.

  After overdosing at St.Patrick’s Day crawl, Charlotte man details journey of breaking addiction

The annual St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl in Charlotte is well-known for providing locals and out-of-town visitors alike with a day full of imbibing and letting loose. For Jordan Smith, the 2018 crawl was about something far more serious.

  Mecklenburg County DA speaks out about spike in crime, challenges in court system

District Attorney Spencer Mayweather visited WBTV’s On Your Side Tonight on Friday and discussed the issues Mecklenburg County is facing with rising crime rates and a court system that has been criticized for allowing repeat offenders back on the streets.

  27 new U.S. citizens welcomed in Charlotte on Independence Day

Most of us can take the title of being “American” for granted. It was our birth rite. But for many “yearning to breath free,” as it says at the foot of the Statue of Liberty, that title of American starts with a dream of a better life.

  N.C. Senator speaks after experiencing large earthquake in Southern California

On Thursday, he was one of many to feel a 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck in the Mojave Desert, about 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles, near the town of Ridgecrest, California.

  Is the Charlotte housing market evening out? Here’s three things to know.

As prime home selling season is underway, a new report by Zillow says it looks like the housing market is starting to even out.

  From traffic to poverty, 64-year-old report shows Charlotte’s growth issues are nothing new

It's like a part of Charlotte's DNA: Growth. We talk about it all the time - from companies moving here, to new buildings popping up - we are booming. But a 64-year-old report shows these issues, and the questions that come along with them, are nothing new.

  A look at ‘Instagram walls’ and how social media is changing where we spend our time

If you haven’t seen it in person, you’ve probably been seeing pictures of the “Confetti Hearts” wall in South End. It’s known as an “Instagram wall,” and it’s a growing trend across the country.

  The possibility of Major League Soccer in Charlotte

Major League Soccer has been a constant topic in conversations with David Tepper since his opening press conference as the new owner of the Carolina Panthers.

  A look at the fast-growing tech industry in Charlotte

The Queen City has long been known as a bank town, while Raleigh is known as the tech city, but some new numbers say Charlotte may take that title soon.

  CATS and Carowinds team up to help provide transportation for summer jobs

The goal is to invest in the community by providing up to 1,000 jobs for youth at Carowinds on an annual basis.

  Atrium Health, Novant Health team up to fight HIV in Mecklenburg County

The Charlotte Metropolitan area, including seven counties in North Carolina, has one of the highest rates in the nation for new HIV infections according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  Preparing your dog for the Fourth of July: What you need to know

While fireworks may be the sound celebration and excitement for you -- it could be terrifying for your pet. Whether you're setting off fireworks - or going to a show for the upcoming holiday week, it's important to consider our furry friends so they don't run off and get lost.

  One-on-One with the highest paid CEO in Charlotte

WBTV sat down with the CEO of one of Charlotte’s most recognizable companies, one that often makes the list of the fastest-growing companies not only in the country, but in the world.

  ‘If it helps one person then I’m satisfied.’ Brigida Mack’s father on cancer diagnosis and men’s health

If you've ever had to encourage the men in your life - fathers, brothers, uncles, husbands - to go to the doctor, then you know struggle.

On Your Side Tonight with Jamie Boll wins NCAB’s Outstanding Newscast Award

WBTV News is proud to announce the On You Side Tonight team has won the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters (NCAB) Outstanding Newscast Award.

  The Excelsior Club gets referred to city’s Economic and Development Committee

Monday, Charlotte City Council unanimously referred The Excelsior Club to the city's Economic and Development Committee. At -Large City Councilman James Mitchell is the chair. He will instruct city staff to see how much money it will take to bring the building back up to code.

  Senior Stories: Srivishnu Turamalla

Srivishnu Turamalla is graduating from Mallard Creek High School - and he’s already got a long list of achievements.

  Ted Koppel of CBS Sunday Morning sits down with WBTV

Revered journalist Ted Koppel sat down with WBTV's Steve Crump during a trip to Charlotte for a fundraising event.

  County approved big uptown redevelopment 3 years ago. Now some leaders want out.

The plan commissioners selected in 2016 calls for about 1,200 new homes, but only about 114 would be affordable to families making up to 80% of area median income. That’s about $56,000 a year for a family of four in Charlotte.

  ‘It was just amazing to see the response.’ Charlotte doula sees spike in business after WBTV series airs

Charlotte Doula Kira Kimble has had a lot of inquiries over the past month. She reached out to WBTV's Brigida Mack to say her special series on Black Maternal Health last month caused a spike in interest in her business, TJACK Doula.