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  Secondhand vaping dangers for children: Are you putting them at risk?

We know secondhand smoke from traditional cigarettes is dangerous... but, what about secondhand vaping?

  Career fair in Mecklenburg Co. Jail is getting the job done

  Exploring the striking racial disparity between mothers ahead of Black Breastfeeding Week in August

  Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper wants new retractable roof stadium

  Ride-sharing safety bill headed to governor’s desk after NC General Assembly approval

  Lyft offering discounted ride program to address local ‘food insecure’ households

  Celebrating 70 Years: Veteran WBTV reporter speaks on historic news event

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  After overdosing at St.Patrick’s Day crawl, Charlotte man details journey of breaking addiction

  Mecklenburg County DA speaks out about spike in crime, challenges in court system

  27 new U.S. citizens welcomed in Charlotte on Independence Day

  N.C. Senator speaks after experiencing large earthquake in Southern California

  Is the Charlotte housing market evening out? Here’s three things to know.

  From traffic to poverty, 64-year-old report shows Charlotte’s growth issues are nothing new

  A look at ‘Instagram walls’ and how social media is changing where we spend our time

If you haven’t seen it in person, you’ve probably been seeing pictures of the “Confetti Hearts” wall in South End. It’s known as an “Instagram wall,” and it’s a growing trend across the country.

  The possibility of Major League Soccer in Charlotte

Major League Soccer has been a constant topic in conversations with David Tepper since his opening press conference as the new owner of the Carolina Panthers.

  A look at the fast-growing tech industry in Charlotte

The Queen City has long been known as a bank town, while Raleigh is known as the tech city, but some new numbers say Charlotte may take that title soon.

  CATS and Carowinds team up to help provide transportation for summer jobs

The goal is to invest in the community by providing up to 1,000 jobs for youth at Carowinds on an annual basis.

  Atrium Health, Novant Health team up to fight HIV in Mecklenburg County

  Preparing your dog for the Fourth of July: What you need to know

  One-on-One with the highest paid CEO in Charlotte

  ‘If it helps one person then I’m satisfied.’ Brigida Mack’s father on cancer diagnosis and men’s health

On Your Side Tonight with Jamie Boll wins NCAB’s Outstanding Newscast Award

  The Excelsior Club gets referred to city’s Economic and Development Committee

  Senior Stories: Srivishnu Turamalla

Srivishnu Turamalla is graduating from Mallard Creek High School - and he’s already got a long list of achievements.

  Ted Koppel of CBS Sunday Morning sits down with WBTV

Revered journalist Ted Koppel sat down with WBTV's Steve Crump during a trip to Charlotte for a fundraising event.

  County approved big uptown redevelopment 3 years ago. Now some leaders want out.

The plan commissioners selected in 2016 calls for about 1,200 new homes, but only about 114 would be affordable to families making up to 80% of area median income. That’s about $56,000 a year for a family of four in Charlotte.

  ‘It was just amazing to see the response.’ Charlotte doula sees spike in business after WBTV series airs

Charlotte Doula Kira Kimble has had a lot of inquiries over the past month. She reached out to WBTV's Brigida Mack to say her special series on Black Maternal Health last month caused a spike in interest in her business, TJACK Doula.

  Cold office temperatures may affect women’s productivity at work, study says

Studies have shown that office temperatures are typically colder, in favor of men. But now, a new study says that extra chill, can actually hurt women’s productivity at work.

  Man dedicated to not let 16-year-old’s felony charge define his life

The man also comes from a difficult life and some bad decisions, and he's turned his focus to helping kids and families succeed.

  Do mosquitoes bite certain people more than others? One Charlotte expert says yes.

The female mosquito is the one that bites - and she's looking to get some of your blood so she can digest it and convert it into the energy she needs to make her eggs.

  The power of Palliative Care: ‘Anytime we’ve got our feet knocked off beneath us, it was brought back to us in such great blessings’

Palliative care is the medical specialty focused on improving quality of life for people facing serious illnesses - from cancer to heart failure to dementia.

  CMPD takes ‘Bridge The Difference’ conversation to business executives

Police have been going directly to where people are to have conversations about officers and the communities they serve -- as well as police issues on the streets.

Overprocessed foods add 500 calories to your diet every day, causing weight gain

A shocking 61% of American adults get their total diet from ultraprocessed foods, according to the study published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

  ‘What life is like after a stroke, I’ve lived it.’ Charlotte doctor on her work to save people from strokes is personal

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a big problem in the U.S. among men. It’s also the single most important risk factor of stroke. And, for men - the risk of stroke is higher and more dangerous.

  ‘We don’t ever want to be looked at as ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ or ‘defective’: Charlotte therapist on removing stigma around Mental Health

May has been designated as Mental Health Awareness Month since 1949 in an effort to remove the stigma associated with mental health. But doing that is no easy task.

  Churches being used to help tackle mental illness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and some local churches are answering the call.

  ‘Look at our miracle. It’s not always sad’, Charlotte couple shares infertility journey

Ellie Brynn Basset, Loren and Mike Bassett's long-awaited bundle of joy, was born in late March after a long and winding journey to parenthood. They say having her, holding her -- still hasn't quite sunk in

  How families can cope with trauma after deadly UNC Charlotte shooting

WBTV spoke with Dr. Dawn O’Malley, a licensed psychologist with Cardinal Innovations, about how families can cope with trauma after the tragic event.

  ‘The journey is long’: Columbine survivor’s message for UNC Charlotte community

Unfortunately, there are many who do understand what the students and families at UNC Charlotte are feeling after a deadly shooting on campus.

  ‘You have to be a little bit of a detective.’ Charlotte pediatrician on how to get kids to open up to their parents

The American Academy of Pediatrics says not only are family dinners crucial to having that open communication, they’ve also been shown to increase a child’s social skills and improve their eating habits.

Astronaut tweets photo of NC from space

Koch arrived at the international space station last month and plans to stay for a full 11 months!

  Horse therapy organization in Monroe teaches self-worth

An organization in Monroe called Two Hearts One Language believes that can change lives. It pairs people who have experienced trauma with horses. The people who have tried it say it helped them heal and realize their inner strength.

  Charlotte man describes numbness that led to Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis

27-year-old Ben Cooper was just two weeks removed from getting married to his college sweetheart when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

  VIDEO: SC teen thought to never talk again speaks for first time in nearly 2 years

Doctors didn’t think he’d live... and if he did by some chance survive, they didn’t think he’d ever walk or speak again. Now 21 months later, not only is Jackson walking on his own - he sounded out his first words since the 2017 crash.

  'This voice sort of starts playing in your head, I’m a terrible mom, I’m unfit.’ Pineville mom on surviving postpartum depression and anxiety

1 in 7 women will get postpartum mood disorder. That’s more than half a million women every year in the US.

  ‘A little bell went off in my head.’ Heart attack survivor’s critical message for women

It’s the number one killer of women: heart disease. The statistics are staggering as 1 in 3 women will die from a heart attack in their lifetime.

  Breaking the Stigma of Hospice Care: ‘It’s not about death.’

When many hear the word hospice, they only equate it with end of life, and dying. But it’s so much more – and provides a critical service.

CRVA to review pay policies

The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority is proud of the figures connected to this year's CIAA basketball tournament. Its Chief Executive Officer Tim Newman shared the news with board members this morning. "We