Concord Police develop traffic plan for Concord Mills area

Updated: Nov. 19, 2020 at 3:04 PM EST
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CONCORD, N.C. (WBTV) - Police in Concord are hoping to make the Holiday shopping experience a little smoother this year for those going to the area around Concord Mills. You may recall there were big traffic tie-ups there last year, so this year, there’s a new plan.

“It took us three hours to get out of Concord Mills parking lot,” said Robin Rogers. She and two friends were stuck in traffic trying to get out of the mall parking lot for three hours last year.

“It was comical but it was very irritating,” Robin said today. “We literally, I literally, had to get outside and direct traffic just so we could get out into the traffic. We couldn’t even leave the parking lot.”

This year there’s the added twist of the construction of the new flyover bridge. Concord Police don’t want a repeat of the traffic issues from last year.

The department produced a new video that shows how traffic will be handled during the holidays. It will involve lane changes, a heavier police presence, and counting on drivers to make a plan.

“Look at that traffic plan that’s going to be implemented on the evenings of those Saturdays and Black Fridays so they can be aware of those changes and when they are going to take place,” said Captain Vashon Clark of Concord Police. “Be prepared, plan ahead, be patient with each other, we want everybody to be safe.”

That will be determined in the traffic command center with big screens that show live traffic so that adjustments can be made. Businesses that are now more dependent than ever on Holiday shoppers and diners hope the plan will work.

“Our employees rely on this money too because it’s holiday season, they want to take care of their families,” Melissa Pickard, TGI Friday’s General Manager. “This construction has been a hindrance on us since it started, whatever business we can get is what we’re pushing for.”

If the plan does work, that will be a great relief to folks like Robin, and the 1000′s of other shoppers who had similar experiences last year.

The video can be seen here:

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