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Report: Councilman used slurs, made threats against police chief

Chester Police Chief Andre Williams (City of Chester) Chester Police Chief Andre Williams (City of Chester)
Chester City Councilman Odell Williams (City of Chester) Chester City Councilman Odell Williams (City of Chester)

A Chester city councilman is being investigated by the State Law Enforcement Division for assault after the city's police chief says he used racial slurs and threatened to take him out.

The incident was reported on Monday night at Chester City Hall after the city council meeting had adjourned, according to the report from the Chester Police Department. 

Chester Police Chief Andre Williams was washing his hands in the restroom when City Councilman Odell Williams walked in and confronted him, the report states. 

Councilman Williams asked the chief why he stopped talking with one of his officers when he walked in, according to the report. The chief responded, because the conversation was over. 

That's when Chief Williams says the councilman then looked at the other officer and replied, "I don't like the chief nor you!"  

Councilman Williams then reportedly used a racial slur and stated that he keeps his 'stuff' on him and knows how to use it. 

The chief and his officer then watched Councilman Williams walked out of city hall with his hands in his pockets, shaking them, according to the report. 

Councilman Williams then reportedly turned to the chief and said, "I am 79-years-old, I'm not afraid to die. I will take you out and any [expletive] and before I go out I will take a bunch of [expletive] out."

According to the report, Councilman Williams went on to say that he would "take a [expletive] out, even in church" if he didn't like them.

Another councilman, William Killian, then walked outside to observe what was happening, according to the report.  

The report states that Councilman Williams made more derogatory comments to the officer and Chief Williams before finally walking off.

Chief Andre Williams went back inside city hall to report the matter to Mayor Wanda Stringfellow and the other members of city council. 

Statements from council members were gathered concerning remarks Councilman Williams made prior to the incident.

Councilman Williams told WBTV, Tuesday, he never threatened Police Chief Williams.

"It was just a broad statement that I will kill a person, but it certainly wasn't at him. I never said I would kill him," said Councilman Williams.

 "If I made any racial slurs it might have been in an old statement that I might have heard said, but it certainly wasn't at him," he continued.

WBTV reached out to Police Chief Williams and the Mayor of Chester for a comment on the situation, Tuesday, neither were available.

SLED is conducting an investigation.

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