Governor Cooper urges North Carolinians to stay safe during major winter storm

Winter weather briefing

RALEIGH, NC (WBTV) - Governor Cooper addressed residents of North Carolina on Saturday and issued a firm warning that people take precautions to stay safe during the upcoming winter storm.

“This is a snow storm, not a snow fall. It’s serious,” Gov. Cooper said. “In the Piedmont to western parts of our state, we’re preparing for days of impact, not hours.”

Cooper also urged people of Raleigh and other eastern communities in the state to take the matter seriously as well, noting that forecasts could worsen in a short period of time and conditions could deteriorate with little notice.

For those considering venturing out during this storm, Gov. Cooper issued a stern warning. “This weekend isn’t the time to head out to see the winter wonderland. Stay safe where you are. Getting out on dangerous roads could put your life at risk. It also gets in the way of first responders and road crews who’ll be hard at work trying to keep us safe and clear our roads.”

As communities around the state brace for the storm throughout the afternoon and evening, the Governor plans to hold another press conference for updates in developments on Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m..

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