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  BLOG: Humberto strengthens but heads away from the Carolinas

This storm doesn’t have a name yet but it is currently known as Potential Tropical Cyclone #9.

  Hurricane Dorian continues to ravage Bahamas as it moves toward U.S. mainland

How to track Hurricane Dorian with the WBTV Weather App

  Severe Thunderstorm Warnings issued as storms move through the Carolinas

  Storms likely again on Friday

  First Alert: Heavy rain possible at times Tuesday

  First Alert Day Tuesday, heavy afternoon rain and storms likely

Continued Coverage

  Storms bring heavy rain, lightning late Friday night, Heat Advisory issued for Saturday

  Heat wave rolls on

  Day 7: Heat wave continues

  Another round of storms, mainly south of I-40 Friday evening

  Slow moving downpours Thursday evening

  Heat and humidity now... watching the tropics for later

  Lower temps with another round of storms expected

We do not expect today to be as hot, and in fact some areas may not even reach 90° for the first time in about a week. With that in mind, more rounds of storms are expected to refire this afternoon as well as both weekend days.

  Air Quality Warning issued on hottest day yet

Today, we are aiming for 96°. We aren’t getting a break in the humidity department either. There is a 20% chance for afternoon thunderstorms. That’s about our only hope for cooling today.

  Thunderstorms likely this evening after a hot, dry day

Unlike your typical summer time thunderstorms – which move in during the afternoon and move out after dinner time - today’s storms are likely to come this evening.

  Hot, humid with a slight chance of a thundershower

This first full week of Summer is shaping up to be pretty typical in terms of weather: hot, humid and just a slight chance for a daily thundershower. Again, just about what you’d expect for the last week of June.

  Overnight storms to follow a beautiful Friday

  Severe threat has ended for the evening

  Charlotte pastor asking for volunteers to help with flood cleanup near Mountain Island Lake community

  Only isolated evening showers Wednesday, bigger threat Thursday

  Tropical humidity will lead to more downpours

  Summer is back! Tracking thunderstorms for the next few days

  Scattered summertime storms likely this week

Following last night’s storms, we’re starting off in the muggy 70s this morning under mostly cloudy skies. Those clouds and more thunderstorms will likely keep a lid on our temperatures today, topping out in the mid to upper 80s, which again, is right on target for this time of the year.

  Record cool start Friday with sunshine to dominate

Today could turn out to be a top-10 day for the Charlotte area!

  Coastal storm to bring mid-week weather shift

Rain may be most concentrated along the I-85 corridor, but most any neighborhood is fair game for wet weather today.

BLOG: Duke Energy’s lake level forecast led to confusion

As per WBTV News coverage Monday evening, Duke Energy contends lake levels were lowered throughout the Catawba River chain starting a week prior to the event, based on the forecast of tropically-induced heavy rain that was expected to unfold over several days near the headwaters of the basin.

  Sunshine expected ahead of coastal storm system

Last night’s front has pushed off to the east, taking the showers with it. Behind it, skies have cleared and we’re getting set for a beautiful day!

  First Alert continues due to more potential flooding

The Flash Flood Watch continues to be in effect until 9 pm. There are also several Flood Warnings along the Catawba River.

  First waves of rain arrived, much more to come

Already over an inch of rain has fallen across most of the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area with other areas west of Charlotte toward the foothills picking up two or more inches of rain.

  Rain may thin out in spots towards evening, but more’s in store for Saturday

Areas of rain continue to move through heavy at times this afternoon, however, we are seeing signs that the rain may thin out in spots this evening as the bulk of it shifts Northeast.

  Rain chances ramp up over the weekend bringing heavy showers

The rain will be scattered throughout the day and become more heavy over the weekend

  First Alert Days issued Saturday through Monday

Waves of rain and embedded storms begin to arrive throughout the second half of the day Friday, lasting for the most part throughout all of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

  Storm chances low today, rain chances ramp up on Friday

Although rain chances are low today, we can expect showers to move into the area tomorrow through the beginning of next week.

  Thunderstorms struggling to get going; evening First Alert cancelled

While at one point the potential for severe thunderstorms existed this afternoon, we have been unable to overcome a cap of stability overhead that has dramatically reduced the threat for thunderstorms across the area this evening.

  Badly needed rain right around the corner, along with a possibly very wet weekend

Disruptive showers and storms continue to increase over the central sections of the country and they are heading our way with the first wave of rain with embedded thunderstorms showing up tomorrow.

  Comfortable temperatures before rain chances increase later in the week

More sunshine, low humidity and comfortable temperatures are in the forecast today with afternoon readings in the low to middle 80s.

  Reasonable temperatures expected for the week as showers dominate most of the week

WBTV viewing area can expect a much-wetter pattern with much-needed showers as thunderstorms dominate the forecast for the late-week and weekend.

  Severe storms moving out, milder air moving in

There is a Severe Thunderstorm Watch in effect for much of the WBTV viewing area until 11 p.m. Friday as severe weather moves through the Carolinas.

  Relief in sight of record-breaking heat, chance for thundershowers increase

The upper-level ridge responsible for the record-challenging heat wave over the past week is beginning to break down.

  Thursday tied a 101 year record high temperature. But a break is coming!

The 90-degree streak is mercifully coming to an end. Highs on Friday will still be near 90° but they head down from there.

  Charlotte ties 101-year-old heat record ahead of temperature shift

Yes, it is hot again! In fact, it hasn’t been this hot on a May 30 in Charlotte for 101 years! We hit 95-degrees in Charlotte just before 5 p.m. today. We last hit 95 degrees on this day in 1918.

  Heat wave continues as another day hits 95 degrees

After another high temperature of 95 blistering degrees on Wednesday, that now makes four of the last five high temperatures hitting 95°.

  Day 6 of heat wave to be hottest so far

Today will be day six of our current early-season heat wave and it looks to be the hottest day so far, as I’m forecasting an afternoon high of 96° for Charlotte, just shy of the record of 98° set back in 1941.

  The unseasonably high heat goes on...

We have at least two more days with highs in the mid 90s.

  Day five of heat wave to be hottest so far

Today will be day five of our current early-season heat wave and it looks to be the hottest day so far, as I’m forecasting an afternoon high of 96° for Charlotte, just shy of the record of 97° set back in 1941.

  The heat wave continues, and the hottest temps are yet to come

It still looks like Tuesday & Wednesday will be the hottest day of this heat wave stretch with a forecast high of 96° both afternoons.

  Memorial Day Forecast: The heat wave continues

Highs will reach the mid 90s while cooling rain chances remain almost zero. Make the most of the day - but take care of yourself.

  The heat is here and it’s here to stay

With our first heat wave of the season on the way, don’t forget to take safety precautions to avoid heat related-illnesses over the next few days.

  Gear up for 90s: Holiday heat wave begins

The well-advertised heat wave is about to start! Get set, we’re on our way to the 90s today…and for many days to come!

  Temps rise as we approach major heat wave

After a seasonal and cooler day Wednesday – most of the day around Charlotte was spent in the 70s – we’re looking at much warmer conditions moving forward.

  Clouds, rain chances and cooler temps expected ahead of heat wave

While Charlotte will still probably inch back up to the lower 80s this afternoon, and some neighborhoods in the foothills will fall short of 80°.

  A preview of Summer ahead with temps peaking into the 90s

We will likely see our first 90° day of the season over the next few days

  Steady warm-up as we head towards the weekend

Most neighborhoods outside of the mountains will push 90° for the first time since early October of last year

  Spectacular mid-week forecast with temps pushing the 90s

We turn considerably warmer by Friday with high temperatures jumping to the upper 80s then.

  Coolest morning in three weeks, temps expected to rise to lower 70s

We turn a little bit warmer late week with high temperatures rebounding into the 80s for Thursday and Friday

  Nice stretch of weather expected during the week with temps in the 70s

Get set for a nice day, complete with mostly sunny skies, lowering humidity and a warm breeze out of the west.

  First Alert Saturday, showers and storms roll through the region

A First Alert Day has been declared as periods of rain are in the forecast for most of the day on Saturday, with pockets of heavier rain and embedded thunderstorms at times as well.

  First Alert declared for Saturday with showers and storms in the forecast

There could be a lingering shower around tonight, otherwise, it stays muggy as we settle back into 60s again overnight.

  Hurricane Awareness Tour takes Charlotte by storm

Thursday was an exciting day for meteorologists and weather geeks of all stripes around the greater Charlotte region as the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron from Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS (better known as the famed ‘Hurricane Hunters’) paid a visit to spread the word of weather safety

  Rain chances increase as we move closer to the weekend

Today will look and feel a lot like yesterday, with a mixture of clouds and sunshine and afternoon readings in the lower 80s.

  Spotty overnight showers move into the morning with afternoon thundershowers likely to develop

In the meantime, any evening thundershowers around Charlotte will slowly die down and give way to overnight lows in the muggy 60s with a few fog patches possible.

  Mixed sun, clouds with afternoon temps peaking close to 80°

In the meantime, any evening thundershowers around Charlotte will die down and give way to overnight lows near 60° with a few fog patches possible.

  Plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures through mid-week

Our weather will remain fairly uneventful through the mid-week period, with plenty of sunshine in the forecast, though the humidity level will start to ramp up by Wednesday.

  FIRST ALERT issued for Saturday, strong storms expected to hit Carolinas

A First Alert Day has been issued for Saturday with a line of strong storms expected to develop to our west late during the afternoon and towards the evening.

  Scattered thunderstorms expected during the weekend with mid 80 temps

Twenty percent chance of rain today but that number increases as we move into the weekend.

  Another day with a quick warm-up into the mid-80s

Much like yesterday, those low clouds will break fairly quickly this morning and afternoon readings will again top out in the middle 80s under partly sunny skies.

  Temperatures expected to rise near the 90s through Saturday

Temperatures expected to rise near the 90s through Saturday

  Cool start to the morning before temps continue to rise into the upper 80s

We’re starting cool this morning with daybreak readings in the 50s, but we can expect a swift warm-up today with afternoon readings topping out in the mid to upper 80s under mostly sunny skies

  Temperatures will rise above average as we move into the week

Looking beyond today, temperatures will rebound around high pressure, generally running in the mid-upper 80s Tuesday through Friday, well above average for late-April/early-May

  Temps will rise into the 80s before we gear up for more rain tomorrow

There could be some more afternoon cloud cover, but the southwest breezes will still make for a warm day.

  Temperatures expected to rise into the 80s through Thursday

We aren’t talking about “summertime” 80s. We’re talking about warm air without the high humidity to go along with it.

  Next few days expected to be warm after slight cool down over weekend

Tuesday and Wednesday will be even warmer. Highs will be in the low 80s and we should stay dry.

  Tornadoes confirmed by NWS crews after surveying damage left by severe weather in the Carolinas

Two crews from the National Weather Service will survey damage across the Carolinas Saturday in the aftermath of severe weather Friday afternoon.

  FIRST ALERT: Strong storms rip through WBTV viewing area

Severe weather moved into our area Friday afternoon, bringing heavy rain, damaging winds and the possibility of tornadoes to the entire WBTV viewing area.

  Looking ahead to First Alert Friday: Gusty winds, heavy downpours, hail

After a warm evening, an increasing shower risk arrives overnight with lows only falling back into the mild 60s.

  Temperatures peak in the 80s, First Alert declared for Friday

After a pleasant evening, dry conditions will prevail tonight with overnight lows only falling back into the mild 50s.

  Sunshine, seasonable temperatures after chilly weather in the morning

Temperatures in the WBTV viewing area Tuesday morning are chilly but we will rise into the 70s by the afternoon

Sunshine to move into the area after Sunday’s severe weather

Temperatures are expected to peak into the 80s this week with sunshine dominating most of the week.

  Storms moved across the Carolinas with tornado warnings, watches

The WBTV viewing area braced for potentially damaging winds and hail as strong thunderstorms moved through Sunday. An isolated chance of a tornado also wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities.

  Warm temps, severe weather expected throughout the weekend

As for today, it will be very warm and very humid with a few widely separated showers for the morning and midday hours.