More storms but less heat this week

After showers and storms erupted across our 22 county region Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will see fewer storms but by no means can we rule them out in your area as pockets of rain and storms will certainly reappear.

  Hot and humid with a few t-storms

  Hot End To The Weekend & Start To The Upcoming Week

  HOT weekend ahead!

  Relentless heat rolls on for now

  Air Quality Warning in effect

  More high heat and humidity

Continued Coverage

  Lower rain chances in the days ahead

  Thunderstorms eventually take a break

  More storms in today’s forecast

  Round two of storms Wednesday

  Severe Thunderstorm Warnings issued as storms move through the Carolinas

  Extreme heat, humidity and strong storms in today’s forecast

  Dog days of summer in full force

The heat index Monday will run up to the middle 90s while Tuesday’s heat index could push 100° for at least a couple of hours during the afternoon.

  Heat builds until a cold front moves through late week

There's not a drop of rain to be found this evening following yesterday's front, however, it's still been a hot & humid afternoon with highs in the low 90s yet again.

  Heat builds until a cold front moves through late week

The heat and humidity will continue today. Highs will be in the low 90s and the humidity remains high. Storm chances will be low today.

  Hot and dry to close the weekend

A little bit of rain in spots today and some clouds to begin the day generally kept temps to 90° or below.

  The heat and humidity start to build again!

  Relentless heat continues this weekend

  Hot weekend ahead, despite Saturday front

  Heat continues, rain chances remain low

  Tracking our next chance of thunderstorms

  Nearly storm-free stretch to last through the weekend

  Lower humidity in the forecast

Looking ahead, with lots of sunshine and little chance for afternoon storms in the forecast, high temperatures will hold in the lower 90s for Friday.

  Dodging severe thunderstorms

Severe thunderstorms formed in North Carolina today narrowly missing the WBTV viewing region and assaulting central sections of NC.

  Front could bring severe storms Wednesday

We’ll start off quietly enough today, with plenty of sunshine to go around and a quick warm-up in the forecast. Afternoon readings will jump back into the lower 90s again this afternoon, but the heat index will push the middle 90s along and south / east of I-85.

  Storm chances increase for Wednesday

Things will change a bit Wednesday as a weak front will arrive and likely trigger a few additional showers and storms during the afternoon and evening hours, but we’re still not expecting widespread activity.

  Lower rain chances in the forecast

Following last night’s storms, we’ll dry out slightly today with storm chances become a bit more isolated. Sunshine will dominate today and for the first time in five days, we should push 90° around Charlotte this afternoon.

  First full week of August - what’s on tap

Going forward we will see a warming trend push us back into the low 90s this week, possibly inching into the mid 90s in some areas.

  Rain chances go down for a few days

The chance for showers and thunderstorms will continue through the evening, but won't be as high for the rest of the week.

  More downpours in the forecast

After the fog burns off, we’ll be left with a mix of clouds and sun. Humidity levels will remain high with high temperatures in the upper 80s and that will help fuel another round of scattered storms.

  Pockets of rain, storms to linger through this evening

Rain and storms have been persistent for many areas, especially southeast of I-85 this afternoon and evening.

  More afternoon thunderstorms possible today

As we move into the second half of the weekend, the humidity isn’t going anywhere.

  ’Tis the season... for high humidity and daily thunderstorm chances

'Tis the season... for high humidity and daily thunderstorm chances.

  SUPER humid! Possible t-storms this weekend

Air Quality Warning for York, Chester and Lancaster County in SC.

  The latest update on weekend heat and storms

The calmest days of the following week appear to be Tuesday and Wednesday at this point.

  Storms likely again on Friday

Little change expected Friday with another day of multiple rounds of showers and strong thunderstorms.

  Unsettled pattern returns with daily storm threat

Our stretch of a week of dry weather came to an end yesterday with a handful of severe storms throughout the afternoon, some dropping hail, and even a couple of wind damage reports.

  Thunderstorms on the menu into the weekend

Thursday and Friday are likely repeats of this pattern so if you dodged the storms Wednesday, you might not have the same outcome Thursday or Friday.

  Thunderstorms make a come-back!

There will be several showers and thunderstorms out there through the evening hours today – and for the next few days.

  Humidity and rain chances increase

After a beautiful stretch of unseasonably low humidity and abundant sunshine, changes are now underway. Looking at today, the humidity picks up a bit, and with that and a frontal system approaching from the west, storm chances increase a little bit (50% mountains, 30% Piedmont).

  Hot enough? Here’s how hot we’ll be this week

Well we knew this would happen, but there’s a good chance that Tuesday will be the peak of the heat as the daytime temperatures in this forecast will remain mostly in the 80s going forward.

  Have you missed the muggy summer weather? It will be back before you know it!

Starting tomorrow, we will jump to dew points ranging from the mid to upper 60s. A little humidity goes a long way!

  Sunny and hot, humidity not as high

Today will look and feel a lot like Monday….mostly sunny and hot, but not too humid. Afternoon readings will rise into the lower 90s for the third straight day and rain chances remain low, though there is a 30-40% chance for a thunderstorm in the mountains.

  Humidity levels up, temperatures down by late week

While our break from the 90s was nice while it lasted, even though they’ve made a comeback, humidity has still been pleasant and low 90s haven’t been so bad.

  Code Orange: Air quality warning in effect as heat returns

A Code Orange Action Day has been issued for Monday concerning elevated levels of ground level ozone. If you are sensitive to poor air quality, try and stay indoors and limit your exposure especially during the afternoon and early evening hours.

  A classic summer week is on the way

For the third straight day a Code Orange Action Day has been issued for Monday concerning elevated levels of ground level ozone.

  Heating up today! Air Quality Warning for some

Temperatures were in the upper 80s yesterday and it looks like we break back into the 90s today.

  Classic summer weather gradually returning

Temperatures crept up on Saturday as we just missed hitting 90 degrees and the dewpoints also slipped back into the 60s which becomes noticeably humid again.

  Hot - but the humidity stays in check

This weekend is looking pretty warm. Highs both days will be in the upper 80s.

  Seasonal summer weather hangs around for the weekend

Of course this favorable weather pattern applies to everyone planning to spend any time outdoors this weekend.

  Nice weekend ahead, humidity to slowly return

Our nice weather streak continues! Friday is looking fabulous. Highs today will be in the mid 80s with decent humidity levels. Rain chances are quite low.

  Glorious July weather rolls on for now!

Best of all, if you are one of those who dreamed about this type of summer weather, there’s more to come.

  Temps remain below average, gradual increase expected over weekend

We’re waking up to another delightful morning with temps in the 50s & 60s as humidity remains low for the time of year. Dew point temps will generally hold in the 50s (comfortable range) through today.

  Dare we say... delightful weather?

While you’re enjoying the break in the heat, you won’t be dodging much rain either during this same period as sunny days are lining up for us well into next week.

  The sun returns... the high humidity does not!

A cold front moved through the Carolinas yesterday, bringing heavy rain… but also a brand new air mass! That means we are looking at below average temperatures today.

  Rain ending, delightful weather coming

Once the rain departs during the evening from all 22 counties that we cover, it may well be the last drop of rain you see until the middle of next week.

  First Alert: Heavy rain possible at times Tuesday

First Alert Tuesday! The long stretch of hot weather will be coming to an end today. A cold front is on the move.

  First Alert Day Tuesday, heavy afternoon rain and storms likely

With the rain and storms stalling across our Southeastern counties during the evening, some localized flooding will be possible with heavy rainmakers that will also be slow movers.

  Hot today, cooler and wetter tomorrow

A cold front will move through on Tuesday. It will be close enough today that the mountains could see a few rounds of showers or thunderstorms. For that reason, a Flash Flood Watch has been issued for Ashe and Watauga today.

  Early week front to offer midweek heat relief

We've got one more day ahead for this heat wave before some welcomed relief arrives mid-late week.

  The heat marches on but the end is in sight!

We are looking at another hot day across the Carolinas. Highs will reach the mid 90s but the heat index will feel closer to 100°. Rain chances stand at 30%.

  Only a few more 90s before a break from heat + humidity

A Heat Advisory remains in effect through early this evening. It was another day in the low 90s in Charlotte, but it actually wasn't nearly as hot as yesterday when we ended up with a 98° high for the day.

  105+ heat index values today

A Heat Advisory has been issued for many of us in North and South Carolina.

  Storms bring heavy rain, lightning late Friday night, Heat Advisory issued for Saturday

Daily storms chances will remain fairly low – in the 30-40% range – over the weekend before picking up early next week.

  Big changes in the forecast next week

Today will be day 10 of our current heatwave with highs headed back to the mid 90s again this afternoon. Today will also be day 21 of the past 23 with a high temperature of at least 90° in Charlotte.

  Worst of the heatwave may have passed, but it’s not over yet

We've got a few more days to go of our high heat wave, but some relief is in sight on the 7-day forecast.

  Heat wave will get worse before it gets better

Today will be day nine of our current heatwave with highs expected to head back into the mid 90s again this afternoon. In fact, today will be day 20 of the past 22 with a high temperature of at least 90° in Charlotte.

  Brutal heat wave rolls on!

Wednesday’s high was the hottest yet, a brutal 97°.

  Just when you think it can’t get any hotter...

Temperatures are in the mid-90s and we just aren’t seeing a big drop in temps in the near future.

  Heatwave rolls on for now

Today will be day eight of our current heatwave with highs expected to jump back into the mid 90s again this afternoon. In fact, today will be day 19 of the past 21 with a high temperature of at least 90° in Charlotte.

  Heat wave rolls on

The next time we expect to be below 90° won’t occur for another solid week.

  Day 7: Heat wave continues

Today will be day seven of our current heatwave with highs expected to jump back into the mid 90s again this afternoon. In fact, today will be day 18 of the past 20 with a high temperature of at least 90° in Charlotte.

  High temps to continue for days to come

With high temperatures locked into the mid 90s for the foreseeable future and high humidity front and center as well, this will produce and maintain heat index values around 100° for the next week.

  Is fall starting to sound good yet?

The heat and humidity will go on for quite some time. Highs will be in the mid 90s for the whole 7-day forecast!

  July weather expected to get hotter

Charlotte and most neighborhoods outside of the mountains managed the mid 90s both days of the weekend and we’re headed right back there for the start of the workweek.

  A hot weak ahead; remnant moisture from Barry late week

Unlike the last couple of afternoons, we’ve actually got a pretty quiet radar this evening which is leaving most communities to deal with the heat, but not much else to wrap up the weekend.

  Still tracking Barry... Another warm and muggy day here

Tropical Storm Barry should weaken to a depression as it moves over Louisiana and Arkansas today.

  South Charlotte through SC dealing with heavy evening storms

As anticipated the hardest hit areas of storms this afternoon have been south of I-85 into South Carolina where many areas have had intense and frequent lightning, in addition to heavy rain for a large majority of the afternoon.

  Barry drenching the Gulf coast - scattered thunderstorms for us

T.S. Barry is heading for the Louisiana coast and may strengthen to a hurricane before making landfall today. The biggest concern will be for very heavy rain over areas that do not need any more water right now.

  Another round of storms, mainly south of I-40 Friday evening

As storms die down Friday evening, temperatures will fall back to the lower 70s with a few fog patches possible.