'Holy' promo video with Justin Bieber and the Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Choir

The choir joined the Canadian pop star for a special version of his song “Holy” in a bid to top the Christmas chart.

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Women at private event attended by Harvey Weinstein call the movie mogul out for the sexual assault allegations against him.

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The co-owner of Roundabout Music Company said many people from various generations visit her store to buy old records.

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  Jamie Lee Curtis is in Wilmington for the latest installment of the 'Halloween' movie franchise

Jamie Lee Curtis posted a picture from the set, as she prepares to play Laurie Strode again.

  Elementary school student from Wilmington lands role on new Netflix show

Gavin Munn, 10, a fifth grade student from Wilmington, recently landed roles on two television shows

  Mars rock named after the Rolling Stones by NASA

NASA named a golf-ball-sized rock on the red planet the "Rolling Stones rock."

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