As the World Turns


CBS's daytime drama AS THE WORLD TURNS will broadcast its final episode Friday, September 17, 2010.  At the time of its final broadcast, the series will have spanned 54 years and more than 13,000 episodes.

"It's extremely difficult to say good-bye to a long-running series that's been close to our hearts for so long," said Barbara Bloom, Senior Vice President, Daytime Programming. "The almanacs will show AS THE WORLD TURNS as a pioneer of the format, a hallmark for quality with its numerous Emmy's, the launching pad for many television and film stars and a daytime ratings powerhouse for parts of three decades.  But, the true legacy of AS THE WORLD TURNS will be the fictional characters and stories of a small Midwest town that resonated every day with millions of viewers over multiple generations, becoming a treasured daytime institution in the process.  We thank our partners at Procter & Gamble for the privilege of hosting this beloved series…the actors, writers, producers and crew who worked so hard and shared their amazing talents to bring this series to life…and, of course, the viewers who shared the journey on our network for so many years."


Friday, September 17th #13858

In this final episode, Bob packs up his things before he and Kim move out to Arizona.  As he packs, he reflects on his life and long career as a doctor in this town.  Alison wakes Casey up on the day they move to Carbondale.  Chris proposes to Katie, and she accepts.  Holden goes fishing with Ethan.  Tom and Margo, and Chris and Katie agree to swap houses, one for a hopefully growing family and one for a pair of new empty-nesters.

Dusty and Janet introduce Jack and Carly to their baby, Lorenzo Dustin Donovan.  Jack and Carly are almost a trimester into Carly's pregnancy and Sage can't wait to announce it.  Faith gets Parker to supervise her driving, but she speeds and gets them into trouble. Parker tries to take the heat for it, and Jack and Carly recognize themselves in the teens.

Luke is bereft after the loss of Reid, but he finds some solace in his family, especially Natalie. Paul wants out of business with Barbara. He and Emily are surprised when Henry and Barbara meet them for dinner and Barbara wants out, too.  It looks like Lily and Holden will find their way back to each other.  Craig wants the same for him and Rosanna, whom Johnny is excited to see.  Lucinda and John are once again a couple and Lisa supports them.  Kim gives Bob all the time he needs in his office.  Bob pockets his nameplate.  He spins the globe on his desk and leaves, but it lights up and keeps turning.

Thursday, September 16th #13857

Lucinda consoles Luke over his loss. She assures him Reid will be remembered and she's starting a fellowship in his name. Lucinda's convinced there's nothing she can do to win Lily back. She's grateful when Noah interrupts Luke's speech about how the loss of Reid has taught him that life is too short to waste holding grudges. When Luke realizes Noah's at Java to work, he refuses to let him stay in Oakdale and give up his dreams in LA. Luke and Noah acknowledge that they helped each other grow and come into their own. They share a warm goodbye.

John tries to compel Lily to forgive Lucinda. Lily won't budge and Holden supports her. Lily invites Lucinda over because she wants her mother to get her own life. Lucinda decides to take John up on his offer to go to Amsterdam. Holden's proud of Lily. They talk about growing up and starting their lives anew.

With no time left, Jack, Carly, and Dusty pull together to help Janet deliver her baby in the cabin.  Jack drives them to the hospital so Janet and the baby can be checked out. They run into John informing Dusty that he's the father of Janet's baby. They're all stunned. Liberty and Teri arrive and congratulate the happy parents. Janet assures Jack that he'll play a role in the baby's life. Liberty says goodbye to her mother and the rest of her family, new and old. Dusty assures Teri and Liberty that he'll close on the house he promised Janet and add a new addition to welcome all of them. Jack watches the happy family moment only to be pulled away by Carly who's heard back about her tests. In private, Carly breaks the news to Jack that she's pregnant.  They kiss passionately.

Wednesday, September 15th #13856

Carly and Jack are wed. Gwen, Rosanna, and Molly participate in the ceremony. Everyone's thrilled when it goes off without a hitch even with Craig present.

Molly and Holden make up, in no small part because of Lily's polite prodding.

Parker informs everyone that he plans to be a cop and go to police academy instead of college. Carly and Jack are nervous, but supportive. Parker kisses Faith.

Gabriel reveals to Craig he's moving back to Montega and Craig flips out. Rosanna encourages Craig to let Gabriel go. Craig wishes Gabriel well and hugs him. Craig offers to buy Rosanna a drink and she accepts.

Liberty is concerned about the whereabouts of her mother. Liberty tries to reach her, but the call goes straight to voicemail.

Carly and Jack leave their wedding and go to the cabin for their honeymoon. There they find Dusty injured and Janet having major contractions. With emotions running high, they all prepare to help Janet give birth in the cabin.

Tuesday, September 14th #13855
It's Carly and Jack's wedding day. Carly's nervous about the wedding. Gwen brings in Rosanna hoping her presence will help. Carly's thrilled Jack tracked Ro down and the sisters reconcile. Gwen and Ro give Carly some alone time to collect herself. Carly leaves the house and goes to the Snyder pond. Carly accidently drops the compass into the pond and Jack finds her in a tizzy unable to find it. Jack reassures her that they no longer need the compass to find each other.

Carly shares a warm moment with Gwen, Ro, and Molly. They all give her a flower for her bouquet. Jack thanks Parker, Will, and Holden for being there for him. He never thought, after Brad's death, he'd feel this happy again. Lily and Gabriel warn Craig not to attend the wedding but he shows up anyway.

Dusty helps Janet decorate the cabin Jack and Carly will spend their honeymoon in. Dusty falls off a ladder, but is fine. Janet's water breaks.

Holden and Lily grow closer over their family.

Monday, September 13th #13854

Parker and Sage see that Jack and Carly are happy.  Sage hopes this means they'll get married again and wants to push them in that direction.  Parker thinks if the status quo works, they shouldn't mess it up by getting married again.  Sage leaves a picture of one of their earlier weddings on the couch, where Jack and Carly later find it.  They talk about how things have gone wrong in the past, but soon Jack is ready to propose.  But he gets a call that Janet's having contractions.  When they return from the hospital, Jack picks up where he left off and asks Carly to marry him.

Janet tends to Dusty for the moment, as he's still recuperating from his fights at Avalon Castle.  They kiss, but Janet's having contractions.  He brings her to the hospital where the doctor does a sonogram.  Dusty has a copy and talks to John about it, speculating that the baby is bigger than expected because it's actually Dusty's.  John has Dusty's cup tested against the DNA for Janet's baby's father.

Liberty gets into F.I.T. from the waiting list, but is reluctant to go because of the baby on the way.  Faith encourages her to go, mostly because she's jealous of Liberty and Parker's relationship.  Faith reveals to Janet about Liberty's acceptance.  Janet is excited for Liberty and wants her to pursue her dreams despite the baby. Liberty suggests to Faith that she be more honest with Parker, since that's how she'll win his heart.

Friday, September 10th

Pre-empted for U.S. Open

Thursday, September 9th #13853
Lily and Holden continue their visit with Uncle Angus.  They inform him about Luke and Reid's relationship.  Luke was given power of attorney, but as next of kin Uncle Angus would have to give further permission to let Reid's remains go where they're intended to go.  Uncle Angus is upset to hear of Reid's passing and expresses his frustration by knocking over the chess set.  Uncle Angus shows them about a black knight of Reid's he's kept with him for years and that he wants Luke to have it.  Uncle Angus signs the paperwork.

Katie relents and informs Chris he has Reid's heart. Chris is angry at Reid and almost feels responsible for his death.  Katie urges him to understand that these were Reid's wishes, he very much wanted to help and Chris would do better to look forward to the rest of his life.

John hears from Lucinda that she's trying to protect her business interests instead of attempting to forge some peace with Lily.  After John confronts her, Lucinda brings flowers to Lily's.

Wednesday, September 8th #13852

Lucinda tries to reconnect with Lily, but she's shot down. John finds her drowning her sorrows at the Lakeview bar. Lucinda confides in John about her woes. later John finds her at Worldwide, scheming once again.

Lily and Holden try to help Luke cope with his loss and the burden of figuring out what to do with Reid's remains. They discover Reid has an uncle living in Midwood, Brooklyn. They jet there only to find that Uncle Angus wants nothing to do with his nephew.

Much to Luke's relief, he learns that Chris has woken up and Reid's heart appears to be functioning normally. Alison finds Noah in Java and appeals to him to comfort Luke. Noah's saddened to learn about Reid's death, but he doubts he can help Luke. Noah finds Luke at the pond.

Katie, Margo, Bob, and Kim are thrilled Chris is on the mend. When Chris asks to see Reid, they all falter. John urges them to keep Reid's death a secret from Chris, until he's better and can handle the stress. Chris' suspicions are aroused when he overhears a board member discussing the hospitals loss. Chris asks Katie point blank, whose heart he has.

Tuesday, September 7th #13851

Alison and Casey convince Luke to inform people that Reid's on his way to Bay City to demand that the donor heart be given to Chris. Everyone is once again joyous until Tom and Margo arrive at the hospital and break the news that Reid was in an accident. Reid is wheeled into Memorial and much to everyone's dismay his wounds are declared fatal.  Knowing he will not survive, Reid hopes his heart will be a match for Chris. Luke kisses Reid and Reid is pronounced brain dead. Reid's heart is a match. Everyone's on edge, praying that Reid's sacrifice won't have been for naught. Luke and Katie console each other.

Monday, September 6th

Pre-empted for U.S. Open

Friday, September 3rd #13850

Chris is reluctant to get an LVAD because he's convinced he'll die on it before getting permanent help.  Bob gets word from Tom that Chris won't need the device because there's a heart available from Bay City General.  Just when everyone's spirits are up, Bob hears that some hotshot at BCG will be keeping the heart in-house.  Reid hears this and won't have it. He will drive to Bay City to retrieve the heart.  Reid confesses to Luke that he loves him.  Reid approaches a railroad crossing and can't wait, but while crossing his car stalls and he is hit by an oncoming train.

Katie goes to Brad's grave site looking for reassurance.  Henry is there to remind her she's the bravest person he knows.  Later, Katie and Kim bond, which Chris enjoys.

Thursday, September 2nd #13849

Chris' family is stunned by the news that Chris is very sick. Kim and Bob approach Reid and ask him why they kept quiet about Chris' illness. Reid defends Chris' right to keep his secret. Katie runs from the hospital in favor of throwing herself into work. Kim finds her at WOAK and informs Katie to stay away from Chris if she really loves him, since she's acting like she can't be there for him. Luke berates Reid for suggesting Katie leave. Luke informs Reid that he told Noah he was in love with Reid. Reid's moved by Luke's confession. Off this, Reid goes to Katie and admits that love and loss go hand in hand. Katie summons up her courage and goes to Brad's grave to ask for help. Luke's pleased with Reid's change in behavior.

Tom and Margo are determined to find a heart for Chris, but he doesn't want special treatment. Despite Chris' wishes, Tom and Margo investigate and believe they have found a possible donor. Chris goes into cardiac arrest.

Wednesday, September 1st  #13848

Bob is going to cancel golf with Leland Pierce, head of the hospital trustees, but Kim suggests Chris go in his place. Chris plays a little golf, but Reid cuts the round short to get Chris back the hospital.  Bob is concerned and learns Chris is his patient.  Noah admits to Luke he still has feelings for him.  Luke says he's in love with Reid, though he'll always love Noah.  Luke wants to be friends, but Noah doesn't think he can do that.  Chris is in bed surrounded by his family, having not heard good news.

Tuesday, August 31st  #13847

After Nancy's private burial, Casey thinks more should be done to honor her memory. He suggests his family pair up and do some volunteer service today.  Tom and Margo look into a scholarship.  Bob and Kim bring books to the hospital.  Casey puts his ring on Alison's finger.  Everyone meets in Old Town, but Chris still won't inform his family about his condition, not today.

Monday, August 30th #13846

Alison goes to Casey's bedroom to look for a recipe, but instead finds her engagement ring.  Casey meets her upstairs and they talk about their future.  They agree to get married.  They want to inform the family, but think Chris and Katie are announcing their own engagement, so they agree just to inform Nancy.  Later, Bob comes in from picking up Nancy at her apartment and announces the sad news that Nancy has died.