UPDATE: Statesville Man Dies After Being Shocked By Taser

A man who died after he was shocked with a Taser was in handcuffs at the time. That's according to an article in the Charlotte Observer.

The Observer says 29-year-old Anthony Davidson was in the Iredell County jail when he ran down the hall with the handcuffs on.

Investigators told the paper, he was communicating loudly and became physically aggressive.

It is unclear how many times Davidson was shocked or for how long.

Anthony Davidson was brought into the Iredell County Jail Saturday for stealing groceries. Now state police are investigating how he ended up on life support the same afternoon.

"I believe it could have been very easily avoided," said Jerry Moore, Sr, Davidson's uncle.

He showed us pictures of the 29-year-old in the hospital with cuts, bruises and swelling.

Moore spoke to us on the porch of the ministry house where he works. His tone was very calm, very deliberate.

"We don't have any answers. They're not giving us anything."

Moore was referring to Statesville Police.  Assistant Chief Tom Anderson said they're still in the beginning stages of the investigation.

"I know they've got questions and want answers. We also have questions."

Statesville Police called in the SBI before Davidson died Sunday night.

Anderson said Davidson was likely shocked by more than one officer, more than one time inside the jail intake center. He didn't know how many times, or how long the shocks lasted.

He said people should survive multiple hits. It doesn't double or triple the voltage, according to research.

Steve Tuttle with Taser International used this analogy: it's like combining two cups of 100-degree water. The temperature doesn't rise to 200-degrees, it's still 100-degree water.

Anderson said, they use tasers to save lives, not harm people.

"The taser doesn't leave a lasting injury, that's the preferred tool to get someone under control."

He said they also strapped Davidson down, after he was shocked. That's when a jail nurse said he should be taken to the hospital.

Anderson said that was for a mental diagnosis because of Davidson's erratic behavior, nothing physical. He said Davidson was wheeled to the patrol car, but was able to stand up and put himself in the back.

Anderson said he went down quickly at the hospital.

Family members say they got a different account from doctors. Regina Turner, Davidson's cousin, said he arrived at the hospital unconscious. She believes they should have taken him to the hospital sooner.

"We just want the truth. We just want answers," said Moore.

They should learn more Wednesday when autopsy results will be released. Police say it's possible Davidson was under the influence of something which could explain his strange behavior.

At last check the two police officers involved were still on duty. The Sheriff's Department has not gotten back to us in time for this story about the jail employees who may have also used tasers.