Neighbors on Pruitt Street hoping Monday night's homicide is not a sign the area is reverting to the past

Police investigating deadly shooting in west Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - As Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police investigated a fatal shooting on Pruitt Street Monday night, neighbor Anita Geter had a feeling.

"Very uneasy. Very uneasy," Ms. Geter said. "But people that have taken over this property have been doing a really, really good job. It's just a very unfortunate incident."

Investigators say they're still trying to piece together why the shooting happened and who fired the shots that killed 20-year-old Jourdan Hill.

Officers say Hill was hit while he was standing outside an apartment visiting folks. The bullets were fired from the road. Police say the 20 year old ran inside one of the apartments where he died.

"I don't know that everybody that was involved in helping as much as they can and we really need for folks to step up help this family find closure," said Captain Michelle Hummel.

Geter and her neighbors are hoping the murder isn't a sign that the area is reverting to old ways.

"Lots of shootings and what not and just normal crime that goes on in about every neighborhood," said Ms. Geter.

Capt. Hummel says officers spent the last year getting troublemakers out.

"The whole idea of conflict resolution. We have folks that to resolve things they're really leaning towards violent acts versus trying to work out issues," she said. "Someone who was in that kind dispute and we had numerous shootings that were happening out here. Luckily no one ever was seriously injured during that time."

Geter says neighbors met with police to help turn the area around.

"We had a chance to talk with them and interview them and voice our opinions and stuff and of course we had neighborhood meetings too as well," she said.

And for police – turning around life at the apartment building is a mission.

"We really had gotten to a place where things were really going well around here," said Capt Hummel.

Geter believes the area's past isn't trying to come back.

"I hope not," she said. "I would like to say I hope not because we've come so far from a lot of other things over the years and stuff so this is just an isolated incident."

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