Rain possible on the holiday, parade in Uptown CLT

Updated: Sep. 3, 2018 at 4:58 AM EDT
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Good morning!  Kristen Miranda here with you this morning.  I'm so hopeful you do not have to work today, but if you do there is plenty to catch you up on this morning.

Let's start with the forecast.  Meteorologist Chris Larson is in for Al and he's telling us what the chances are for rain on this Labor Day holiday.  Hint:  the chances are low but it could happen so you'll want to know where.  There's a storm brewing in the gulf that could become a big deal so we'll update you on that, too.

We also just got word of a tree down and significant power outages near Lake Wylie and we are checking it out.

There's a big parade today to celebrate the Labor Day holiday and our Caroline Hicks is along the parade route to tell you what you can expect if you head uptown.

We're learning a little more about the people who died in that crash Sunday morning at Woodlawn and S. Tryon.

There are a couple of drownings from over the weekend to tell you about...

Senate confirmation hearings begin tomorrow for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  We'll tell you why lawmakers are preparing for a fight.

And we'll show you the sweet moment from the funeral for Senator John McCain that has gone viral.

We're on the air until 7am so we'll be here for you when you wake up!  Enjoy the day!