Another hot day, big business fire overnight

Updated: Aug. 30, 2018 at 4:57 AM EDT
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Good morning!  Kristen Miranda in for John Carter today and Christine, Al, Chris, Micah, Caroline and I are off and running with the morning news.

We're going to start you off with a look at the forecast this morning.  Here's the is going to be hot again.  How hot?  Al will tell us all.

We are following breaking news this morning - Caroline Hicks is on the scene of a huge overnight fire in Statesville at Benfield Sanitation Services.   Fire crews are still working to put out hot spots and wait until you hear the cost of the damage caused by the fire.

Maybe you were caught in that big traffic traffic mess north of the city during the rush hour yesterday.  There was construction in the area but it didn't help that the driver of a dump truck accidentally left the bed of his truck in the up position - and ran it right into an overpass.  Good news about that stretch of roadway this morning.

More remembrances for Senator John McCain today as his body leaves Arizona for the last time for Washington, DC.  Yesterday as many as 15,000 people came to pay their respects at the Arizona state capitol building.  Micah Smith is in the Alert Center with details.

Video going viral is making most people so angry.  It shows babysitters forcing little children in their care to smoke marijuana.  Have you seen the video yet?  If not, we'll show it to you this morning.  We're also hearing from the mother of the children this morning.

The Panthers will have their last pre-season game tonight.  It is an away game against the Steelers in Pittsburgh.  We're looking ahead to that and the start of the regular season.

If you like avocados you'll want to know about this job offer where you can be paid to eat them.

And have you heard of something called dog flipping?  If you are a pet owner you're going to want to hear about this new will make you want to keep an extra close eye on your pup the next time you let him out.

You've almost made it to Friday...start your Thursday with us on WBTV News This Morning.