Judge sentences York County man to 4 years for assaulting, handcuffing wife

Judge sentences York County man to 4 years for assaulting, handcuffing wife

YORK COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - A York County man will spend four years behind bars for handcuffing and assaulting his wife for several hours.

Revis Moore pleaded guilty to one count of kidnapping and one count of domestic violence in the second degree in early August. Wednesday morning he appeared before a judge for sentencing.

Assistant Solicitor Corissa Golla read the facts of the case before the court. It was stated that his wife was sleeping at their home in Rock Hill on Jan. 3, 2018. She was awakened by Moore after he says he read text messages on her phone.

"He restrained both of her hands with handcuffs and began to argue with her over text messages," Golla said. "Over the next several hours the defendant proceeded to physically assault her by beating her and choking her."

The prosecution accused Moore of sexually assaulting her while she was handcuffed, but the defense denied the allegations. Sexual battery charges were not included in the plea agreement.

After several hours of the assault, the victim complained of chest pain. Defense attorney Leland Greeley said Moore showed some sense of compassion by bringing her to the emergency room. That's where his wife told Piedmont Medical Center staff that she had been assaulted and needed police.

Greeley says Moore even brought the handcuffs he used to restrain his wife to the hospital and showed police.

"That's a strange facts scenario for someone to do, but he was concerned about her when she went into her panic attack and he's the one that took her to the hospital," Greeley said in court.

As part of the plea deal, Moore's sentencing would be capped at eight years and he would not have to register as a sex offender, since the sexual battery charge was dropped.

The prosecution requested the judge sentence Moore to the maximum of eight years. They say he was convicted in 2006 of three counts of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, as well as one count of criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature and one count of malicious injury to property.

They say in that case, Moore was convicted of running a vehicle off the road with his own vehicle. The car he victimized was carrying his child, the mother of his child and her boyfriend. The prosecution said after the encounter, he assaulted the two adults in the car.

"The state's position is that this is a violent person, this is someone that views women as property and treats them as such," Golla said. "It's scary to think what he will do next time a woman doesn't do what he wants."

The prosecution says when Moore was talking with police at the hospital, police asked him if he had permission to look at his wife's text messages. They say body camera footage showed his responded by saying, "She is my wife, there is no permission needed here."

After some prodding by his attorney, Moore apologized in court.

"What I found on her phone, was evidence that made me overreact," Moore said. "Her sexting other men, made me overreact and I'm sorry for that."

The defense asked the judge to sentence Moore to one year of electronic monitoring. The judge sentenced him to four years in prison. He will be required to serve 85 percent of the time.

His wife and the victim in this case, Wondora Moore, says she is disappointed with the outcome.

"I fear, that he is capable of doing it again and the next woman won't be so lucky," Wondora Moore said.

Since the arrest, Moore says she and her children have moved out of the state of South Carolina to start a new life without violence. The couple's two children were in the home when the incident occurred.

"Any woman out of that situation now, could be completely surprised at how they could have been in that situation," Wondora Moore said.

Defense Attorney Leland Greeley declined to comment at the close of the case.

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