VIDEO: Reporter Kristen Hampton goes viral testing out clip-on bangs

Reporter Kristen Hampton tries out clip-on bangs in hilarious product testing video

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Have you ever seen something so beautiful? WBTV's Good News reporter Kristen Hampton added Justin Bieber inspired bangs to her hair.

Hampton, known for her outlandish and hilarious product testing videos, tried out the product on Friday.

In an attempt to cover up the forehead hickies she developed after trying out anti-wrinkle face cups, she purchased the "buttered toast" colored clip-on bangs from a beauty supply store.

Hampton mentioned experiencing stares from strangers and questions about her hickies in the days after her failed attempt with the product test.

The Good News reporter gleamed with anxiousness as she took the bangs out of the packaging in the beginning of the video before struggling to undo the clips to attach them to her hair.

While preparing for her fabulous reveal, she puts down the sun visor in her car to block viewers from seeing her put the bangs on.

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Hampton shows off her new hairdo while striking an adorable pose to the fans while reading their comments.

A viewer was sure to point out the obvious contrast in color between the faux bangs and Hampton's real hair- but that didn't stop her from rocking the hairstyle.

With the new 'do, the self-proclaimed "adorable Nintendo character" decided to take a trip to Wendy's in hopes of getting a lunch special for women with bangs and test out her look.

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