'Punched by circles!' WBTV's Kristen Hampton tests Suction-Happy Facial Massage Cups

PRODUCT TEST: Kristen Hampton tries Suction-Happy Facial Massage Cups

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's not every day that someone is willing to put their face on the line in the name of the job. WBTV's Kristen Hampton is not your ordinary reporter, however, and she's back again to test out yet another product in a long line of consumer beauty products.

Facial massage cupping is one of the hottest trends in beauty today. With cupping kits flying off the shelves, Kristen decided to see what all the fuss was about for herself.

She's armed with a handful of "face suckers" that she chose ("Only $10!") and a can-do attitude, so viewers should be warned that excessive cringing and laughing will ensue.

Prior to trying the cups, Kristen became a viral hit around Charlotte and online with her previous reviews of other beauty products ranging from hair dryers to magnetic eyelashes.

Her willingness to put herself through pain and humiliation in order to provide the public with honest and fearless reviews shined through in today's video as well!

The facial massage cupping therapy set Kristen agreed to try serves as an "anti-wrinkle and anti-aging" treatment which, according to our misguided reporter, will help users, "on to getting sexy." The series of suction cups included in the package, however, come with instructions that according to her, "don't even sound like real words," yet Kristen proceeds ahead with the testing regardless of her own well-being.

Before actually placing the cups upon her face, Kristen makes sure that the audience knows just how deep her own forehead wrinkles already are. Watching as she attempts to fold a $2-dollar bill within these creases, it becomes clear that this isn't going to be your normal product review and this reporter is not going to be your average product reviewer!

Having given up on the billfold, the review moves forward as haphazardly as we've come to expect. Within minutes of applying the suction cups to her head, Kristen comes to the harrowing realization that she was supposed to be moving them around her forehead all along. "Hoooo boy," she exclaims as she learns of the potential for permanent bruising that she explains the cups can cause. Hoo boy, indeed!

Sporting two, horn-like bruises that rise up from beneath the original cups, our reporter remains undaunted and continues applying them elsewhere, ranging from the "top-stasche" to the "top-face". While located atop her "top-face", Kristen notes that the cups feel as if they are, "sucking on my forehead really hard, not in a nice way." We didn't even know someone could suck on your forehead in a nice way!

Viewers would be inclined to believe her after seeing the bruising that the cups left behind and the ridiculous marks that took shape.

It's a wonder that these bruises were the worst that Kristen had to deal with after she noted at one point that she, "thought I pull part of my brain out."

Fortunately for Kristen, and for viewers, our selfless reporter not only kept her brain inside her head, but she used it in a clever way after discovering that she needed to apply oil to her skin before using the cups. With no beauty oils on-hand, Kristen finds a package of tomato and cucumber salad and digs right in, smearing her self-made massaging oil right across her face.

"Now it smells like onion, and vinegar... and cucumber," Kristen relates as she assesses the state of the review by this point.

Surprisingly to everyone but Kristen, the salad oil actually works…. sorta. With the cups moving across her face with ease, Kristen massages under her eyes, around her cheeks, and even along her "chinkles." We can't promise that she doesn't smell like a salad herself at this point but we can assure you that the product's makers certainly did not approve this "alternative" ingredient for users at home.

Kristen may feel relaxed after quite the massage, but the review isn't over for her yet. A quick appraisal of the aftermath in her rearview mirror reminds our reporter that her forehead still has a series of bruises that may be more permanent than she initially thought! A frantic attempt to cover-up the circular marks with makeup only draws more attention to the spots and a resigned Kristen admits that, "it looks like someone has beaten me uponst my face... with circles."

While the hijinks of this were as hysterical as ever, this product review even had some genuinely sweet and heart-warming moments at the same time. Kristen's mom wrote her a special message to share with the audience at the end of the review, asking her to, "remind everyone to be nice to one another, if just for today."

Some pretty kind and thoughtful words of advice from a reporter who nearly turned massaging cups into a human hole puncher.

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