UFO conspiracy theorists embrace shaky video taken at NC’s Lake Norman

Updated: Aug. 14, 2018 at 10:55 AM EDT
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MOORESVILLE, NC (Mark Price/The Charlotte Observer) - A video gaining traction on social media is suggesting a "huge" UFO was recently spotted over North Carolina's Lake Norman, north of Charlotte.

The footage, recorded May 29 by Jason Swing, shows a long slender object hovering for more than two minutes over the man-made lake.

Swing calmly calls the object "a space craft" in his video.

"It had been raining all morning. Rain finally stopped so we went (to) pick up a boat from Lake Norman," Swing says in a post with the video. "When (I) came around the corner I saw this thing sitting still very close."

Swing's video went unnoticed for weeks, but gained attention last week after being featured in two British tabloids, including The Daily Star.

The video got even more publicity after it was picked up Thursday by the YouTube video channel "The Hidden Underbelly 2.0," a site focused on UFO and creature videos from around the world.

Comments on Swing's video posted on YouTube have ranged from mockery to support for the UFO theory. Conspiracy theorists have suggested it might also be a "secret military weapon of the U.S. Army," including an experimental anti-gravity space craft that hovers.

North Carolina is home to multiple military bases, including Fort Bragg, Pope Air Force Base and Camp Lejeune Marine Corps facility.

More than a few commenters raised suspicions over why the video was so shaky, with one asking: "Did you film this while jumping on a pogo stick?"

The Hidden Underbelly has featured past videos from North Carolina, including one posted in April that had been filmed in Polk County, 85 miles west of Charlotte. It was taken at night and featured a hovering v-shaped object dotted with lights.

North Carolina is in the top 10 when it comes to alleged UFO sightings in the U.S., according to the National UFO Reporting Center in Davenport in Washington state. Three UFO sightings have been reported so far this month in N.C., according to the center.