First Alert Day, Line already formed for Hamilton tickets

Updated: Aug. 1, 2018 at 5:28 AM EDT
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Good morning!  It is the first day of August, can you believe it?  Kristen Miranda in for Christine Sperow today and WBTV News This Morning is underway.

It is another First Alert Day...the potential exists for more heavy rain and flooding through the day.  You'll want to hear what Meteorologist Al Conklin has to say about the timing of today's storms before you walk out the door.  We are also following the preparations underway to make sure any chances of too much water in flood-prone areas are kept to a minimum.

We have new information on an officer-involved shooting on Charlotte Douglas Airport property - in one of the parking decks.  Our Micah Smith just gave us an update from the Alert Center and Caroline Hicks is live in Charlotte this morning with all of the developing details.

Two separate counties in our area are now dealing with new cases of rabies.  What you need to know to protect your family and your pets.

Should smart phones be banned in local schools?  That's the question we are asking you this morning after a big decision that was made in France meant to keep kids focused in the classroom.

And if you want tickets to Hamilton when it comes to Charlotte this fall, you need to be watching at 6:40am.  Tom Gabbard, the President of Blumenthal Performing Arts, will be with us in the studio to tell us how to have the best shot at scoring your pass to the hottest musical in the country.  I will tell you this, if the line already forming outside the Belk Theater this morning is any indicator, the demand is high and the tickets will go fast.

See you when you wake up!