VIDEO: Man spends thousands on fireworks show 'to bring people together'

Good News: The big boom

. - Wesley White doesn't mince words when jaws drop at the $3,000 price tag of his fireworks, "I love it. I don't regret it. I'm blessed to have it."

Dozens and dozens of boxes of fireworks are stacked inside a shed at his home, just waiting for 9 p.m. on Fourth of July.

That's when hundreds of people, some estimates put that number in the thousands, will line the streets around his home to see the show he puts on for free.

He does the same thing every year. He starts saving in April and buying a few boxes at a time. He stockpiles them until he's got enough to draw crowds from all over York County.

Some people might think it's crazy to spend so much money on something that will disappear in just one night. But Wesley doesn't. Why he does it is something that might tug at your heart strings.

Check out the video to see why Wesley is changing the world with fireworks.

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