A new addition designed to keep local lakes safer this summer

A new addition designed to keep local lakes safer this summer

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Chief Michael Crowley, who heads up the North Carolina Alcohol Beverage Control law enforcement division for Mecklenburg County, is beaming with pride on Wednesday. His unit has a new boat patrol for the local waterways for the summer.

"After the last couple of years we've been looking, and there's been an uptick in accidents where accidents have been involved. Then we decided at that point we needed to do some enforcement on the lake," Crowley said.

Local ABC law enforcement joins Cornelius Police Department and North Carolina Wildlife on Lake Norman.

Lamar Riley is one of the state's ABC officers providing safety checks and has this warning for minors who choose to drink.

"If you're underage in the state of North Carolina and you blow a point zero one, then you've been found quote unquote guilty," he said.

Even though this is the first year ABC law enforcement state officials have used a boat to patrol the waterways, they say the investment has been fruitful.

"It's been good. We've been out here a month and a half on the lake and we've written anything from marijuana to drinking underage to not having life jackets on minors," Crowley told WBTV.

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