Ivy the Aussie becomes internet star with incredible tricks

Ivy the Aussie still learning new tricks

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - While many people have a tough time just getting their dog to use the bathroom outside the house, Lisa Kite has trained her Australian Shepherd to make your jaw drop.

Ivy started gaining popularity on Instagram when her mom posted videos of the dog painting on canvas. That's when we first introduced you to the talented K9 (see below).

But that's only one of the tricks up her paw.

"She's amazing. She's not perfect, but she's my girl," Kite said.

Even Ivy's seldom imperfect attempt at a trick is still mind-boggling.

She can wrap herself up in a blanket and "go night night." She can even fetch Lisa's allergy medicine.

Check out the video above to see an incredible dog!

And check out Ivy's Instagram page here.

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