Who put this sign in an abandoned parking lot?

The spot where two strangers fell in love

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - You'd only see it if you happened to glance over into the abandoned parking lot while riding down Wilkinson Boulevard in West Charlotte.

In the parking lot of the old Town and County Drive-in Restaurant, a man put up a printed sign wishing his wife of 57 years a happy anniversary on July 2. It was signed "Ronnie" and said his wife's name was Doris.

The sign proclaimed its planted spot as the same spot the couple met.

With only the two first names to go on, we started asking around, but to no avail. Surely, someone must know Doris and Ronnie... We even tried looking for a Doris and Ronnie in the Mecklenburg County marriage records on the same date in 1961. Nothing was there.

The only thing we didn't try, at least until late in the afternoon, was looking at the back of the sign. Right there in Ronnie's handwriting was a plea, asking anyone who might wish to remove the sign to please call him first. And there was his phone number.

Just as we called it, a funny thing happened - Ronnie and Doris, and the entire Kendrick family, rolled into the parking lot. They'd just finished eating lunch to celebrate the couple's anniversary.

So why did he put the sign there? Check out the video above to see the story.

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