Two boys survive shooting, 'adopt' police officer who responded

Something unexpected after a tragedy

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - There was no doubt in Officer Caleb Costner's mind when he cleared the scene on a winter night that he would be back.

In December, 9-year-old Darryl and 11-year-old Jeremiah were shot through a window as they lay in their beds asleep at the Little Rock Apartments in west Charlotte.

The two brothers survived the shooting, but their lives were forever changed by the relationship they now have with Officer Costner.

"There's sometimes you see there's more that you can be in people's life," Officer Costner said.

The CMPD officer went back to check in on the boys a few weeks after the shooting. He asked their mother, Tamaker Thompson, if there was anything they needed.

He came back two days later and asked again.

"At first, I would just bring them chips and soda and things like that," Costner said.

But the relationship developed much deeper than that.

Watch the video above to see how their friendship unfolded.

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