New technology program trains local students for high paying jobs

16 week training program for tech jobs

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A new, free technology training program recently launched in the Charlotte area and organizers say they're preparing students for high-paying technology jobs over the span of a few weeks.

The program is called T.R.A.P. Tech, which stands for the Training Responsible Advanced Professionals Tech program.

"Our training program is not like school, we believe anyone can make it the only variable is time," Diondre Lewis, who is the IBG software president and instructor, said.

Lewis said no prior technical experience is required and every student is encouraged to learn at their own pace, however, the course is scheduled to be completed within 16 weeks.

After those 16 weeks, students will be prepared for high-paying tech jobs and will be on track to earn $80,000 or more a year, according to Lewis.

"We are not able to produce engineers fast enough to meet the demand….we believe there are 50,000 IT jobs available in the Charlotte metro area," said Lewis.

Minhanh Nugyen, who is a participant in the program and senior at Harding University High School, said she's hoping to snag one of those jobs. "I decided I wanted to be a software engineer but I didn't know exactly what kind of career it is or how to get started or how to get a job in it," Nugyen said.

Nugyen said T.R.A.P. Tech has helped tremendously. "They make sure that you know the concept, you understand and my classmates help each other," he said.

Jonathan Williams who is participating in the program and is also a ECPI cyber security student said starting the program was a natural choice.

"In high school my favorite subject was math and science and math came really easy to me... this is kind of the same thing I just have to put in the time afterwards," said Williams.

"The ultimate goal is to get every single individual the tools they need to succeed in today's tech economy and the news is you don't need a college education," said Lewis.

Lewis said 20 students are participating in the pilot program right now.

It is free and geared toward 16 to 24-year-olds.

To learn more about this program click here.

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