No need to call 911, this car is supposed to be driving in a lake

Driving a car into the lake

NEW LONDON, NC (WBTV) - It's not all that unusual to see around Badin Lake. The light blue colored automobile regularly drives from land, right into the lake, without a second glance from some people.

But people who don't know about Gary Morrison's 1967 Amphicar, often drive up to ask if he needs help.

"Sometimes they think I've lost my brakes and ended up in the water," Morrison said.

The car is made to drive on land and in the water. Once the doors are sealed with a special lever and the transmission is taken out of gear, Morrison turns on two propellers in the back and slowly boats his way around the lake, in a car.

"Some people think I'm crazy, which you just about have to be to drive this thing," Morrison said.

The car, produced in Germany until 1968, was discontinued because of problems with seals and bilge pumps not working, ending with Amphicars at the bottom of lakes.

Morrison has never had trouble with his though, "Except for one time when I didn't seal the doors tight and we almost sank."

With life jackets on board, Morrison regularly enjoys boating in his head-turning car. Once he's done, he literally drives up to a boat ramp, engages the transmission and the wheels start turning.

Making an interesting spectacle and a pretty cool day out on the water.

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