Relatives: Man whose body was found at side of road was generous, hard worker

Relatives: Man whose body was found at side of road was generous, hard worker
Jose Mario Chicas (Photo courtesy family)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - His body was found off of the side of Milton Road in Charlotte, but family and friends say Jose Mario Chicas didn't live a life deserving of the violent end he suffered.

"He never did nothing to nobody. Any person he met in the street he used to help them with dollars and stuff like that," said Angel Aquino. "Somebody needs a cigar because he used to, like smoke them – give them a cigar – he didn't care. He just liked to help people a lot."

"He was a good person – hard working guy," Roberto Garcia said. "Those kinds of people, who have that personality that everybody loves him."

In fact, Garcia said when Chicas worked at a supermarket, the staff referred to the 51-year-old husband and father of 8 as 'Don Mario.'

"Hard-working guy. As soon as he clocked in – working working working – then break time that's it," Garcia said. "Then after that, he kept working until clock out."

Sixteen-year-old Angel Aquino remembers his cousin as a second father. He says Chicas was from El Salvador and has lived in the United States for about 17 years, the last year and a half in Charlotte.

"He always loved me like I was his son," Aquino said. "Always loved him a lot. Never wanted nothing to happen to him. Never knew it was gonna happen to him like this."

Family members say they're still waiting to get details from investigators about what exactly happened to Chicas.

Police say a jogger spotted the body Thursday morning near a dumpster.

Relatives say employees at shops in the area told them they saw Chicas Wednesday night buying his regular.

"Scratch tickets – he used to like to scratch them all the time," Aquino said. "He bought two at the gas station at 7 Eleven. Then they told me he went to the Chinese store and then he bought two more because he won on two of the ones he bought over there he won."

Investigators are not saying much about the case.

Relatives are wondering if the suspects followed him, robbed him and then killed him.

"I want to pay back and stuff but my dad said not to  - to leave it – let the police get it - do their job," Aquino said.

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