Why the raccoon climbing a skyscraper was one of the most important stories of the week

Raccoon captures hearts of millions

ST. PAUL, MN (WBTV) - On Tuesday afternoon, a raccoon made her way into downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, and started climbing a 25-story building. No one had ever seen anything like it before. Within hours, the whole world was watching.

Dozens of stories below, bystanders watched and hoped she wouldn't fall. Animal Control officers couldn't do much, as they were worried about spooking the critter and causing that fall.

No one wanted to see her fall... literally - no one.

OK, maybe there's a twisted few who were hoping for a plunge, but for the most part people watched a raccoon scaling up a building for hours... and no one argued about it. People gazed skyward with a mutual hope.

They wanted to see a raccoon make it to the top. They prayed she'd make it to the top.

By Tuesday night, the raccoon was already famous on social media. Millions of people were following her every move. Most every one of those people were thinking the same thing: "Please let her make it."

That's not something you see every day.

While a raccoon climbing up a building is surely unusual, it might not even make it a month in the memories of the millions who followed her journey.

But while people may not remember this story in a year, let's hope they never forget that time a raccoon brought the world together.

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