Her age is sworn to secrecy, but she's owned the same clothing store for 65 years

Woman still in business after 65 years

CONCORD, NC (WBTV) - If you ask anyone who's been around Concord for a while, they'll likely know the name Neta Helms.

That's because she's been around Concord long enough to now be fitting the grandchildren of the clients she first served when she opened her doors in 1953.

The sign in the front is still the same. "Neta's Childrens and Ladies" is a clothing store that's served locals for more than 65 years.

"Every day has been wonderful, I never dread coming to work," Helms says of the more than 19,000 days she's opened and closed the store. "It's what keeps me moving, and I wouldn't trade it."

She keeps on top of the latest fashions by going to trade shows in Atlanta and New York.

She calls her customers "friends," and if you look around her store, it's clear that her friends adore her. The walls are adorned with hundreds of Christmas and greeting cards filled with pictures of families and children she's served over the years.

If you ask her age, you'll quickly find out she doesn't want to tell it. Suffice it to say, it would surprise you.

And as far as retirement goes, she's not planning on that any time soon.

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