Families on Mountain Island Lake coping with clean-up after heavy rains

Families on Mountain Island Lake coping with clean-up after heavy rains
(Steve Crump | WBTV)

MOUNTAIN ISLAND LAKE, NC (WBTV) - Yards along Mountain Isle Harbor Lane have the appearance of being nicely maintained and well-manicured, but looking around back it's clear that high water would have its way with recreational structures.

Randy Adams is among the Mountain Island Lake residents who woke up to property under water Friday.

"It doesn't cause any major problems with the lot we have here. We typically have a sandy beach here. Other than that, that part is under water," Adams said as he surveyed his bank.

As the rains moved in, predictions by the Charlotte Fire Department were on the money - yards and docks faced major threats. However, homes were in the clear.

Deputy Chief Rich Granger feels the worst is over.

"We've had some minor flooding around docks and in yards, but no structures so far," Granger said. "We've had it come up higher before. Even higher than this."

Ray Drury, who lives on Charlotte's Haymarket Drive along Mountain Island Lake, is waiting for his lakefront yard to dry out, and like Randy Adams, he has one simple question.

"Where's our beach?" he asks. "Our entire beach is gone."

For Adams and so many who cherish life on the lake, it's now about finding a sense of normal. He says that means Mother Nature will have to take her time.

"It goes back down and it goes back to normal," he said.

Patience for many families on Mountain Island Lake is a required virtue.

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