Mountain Island Lake residents take action ahead of looming storms

Mountain Island Lake residents take action ahead of looming storms
(Steve Crump | WBTV)

MOUNTAIN ISLAND LAKE, NC (WBTV) - Sunny afternoons provide the appearance that the living is easy on Mountain Island Lake. However, the waterway was offering contrasting appearances on Thursday.

While relaxing views are a given, the threat of rising waters has residents of Mount Holly's Riverside drive moving their boats to higher ground. Vickie Sigmon understands the risk and the flow of trouble based on past experiences.

"We're going to take our boat out. Most people are pulling their boats out," she said.

Flooding in previous years has brought painful hardships to communities near the lake. Sandy Saxon knows from experience. Her family has owned lakefront property here going back to the early 1970s.

"It's the life on the lake," she said. "If we see anything we think is going to be bad, we head to the big house."

A few doors down, Lisa Graeber has pulled her boat away from docks that may be in harm's way.

"Everybody who has a boat - they take it seriously," Graeber said.

Long-time residents say once the heavy rains begin, time is the enemy.

"It can come in a hurry and people don't realize when there are black clouds around how fast the storm can come," Sigmon said.

Late word from the Charlotte Fire Department is that they will have units keeping watch near homes overnight in case flooding becomes a problem.

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