'Air quality' incident evacuates South Mecklenburg High School

'Air quality' incident evacuates South Mecklenburg High School

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Part of South Mecklenburg High School was evacuated Wednesday due to an "air quality" incident within the school.

The incident happened around 12:30 p.m. in a campus building. Medics arrived and evaluated several students, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools says, and all students and staff are safe.

The principal sent the following message to parents about the situation:

Good afternoon South Meck families,

Officials are investigating the incident. Students say the air quality was so bad it caused students and teachers to cough.

"One of the teachers that was currently in the room asked the police officer if there was something wrong," Student McKinley Tickle said. "Cause she started like coughing. So the police officer went in there and started coughing and hacking and the principal was there, and he said we have to close the building."

Students were treated at the scene while the building was evacuated.

"We had a lot of police officers and staff and medical assistance within the building," Tickle said. "They secured the building - made sure nobody was going in and out of there."

Later in the day, the principal sent an update to parents identifying the problem:

Good afternoon.

The high school is located in the 8900 block of Park Road.

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