After allegedly killing a man on Elm Forest Drive, homicide suspect went on to commit other crimes

Updated: May. 18, 2018 at 7:35 PM EDT
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Nicholas Boger (Photo provided by family)
Nicholas Boger (Photo provided by family)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Jonathan Castillo evidently wasn't interested in abiding by the law last weekend.

Police say last Saturday night,18-year-old Castillo and 16-year-old Sergio Coello-Perez killed Nicholas Boger while trying to steal his vehicle on Elm Forest Drive where Boger lived.

Relatives say thieves tried to take the vehicle which was parked outside the house. They say the culprits couldn't get away because of the anti-theft device.

Boger's family says he went outside, and police say that's when he was killed.

Officers found his body under the car and have evidence of gunshots at the scene. According to CMPD search warrants, Boger was shot in the cheek then run over by a vehicle.

Police say Perez and Castillo got away.

Friday afternoon, the two teens made their first court appearances before a judge

Coello-Perez's family and friends were there.

"He's innocent," said his cousin, Mauricio Alfaro. "He didn't do none of that. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, hanging out with the wrong people and he shouldn't be in it."

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Court records show that after the homicide Saturday night, the suspect - Castillo - went on to allegedly commit more crimes.

Officers say Sunday just after 8 a.m. they received a 911 call saying two people had broken into a house on Driftwood Drive.

Court documents say one of those two people was Castillo, and that a man was in bed when Castillo and the other unknown suspect "ordered him to hand over his wallet," and then "ordered the victim to the bathroom at gunpoint."

Neighbors say they saw the thieves trying to get away from police.

"He was climbing out of the window. We were trying to find out what was going on," but the neighbor said the suspect made a motion for them to be quiet by putting his finger over his mouth.

"Coming out of the window was scary," the neighbor said. "Everybody was trying to get out the way."

Officers caught Castillo moments later.

Five days later, while he was in jail for the house break-in, detectives say they got evidence linking Castillo to the homicide.

The evidence also led them to Old House Court in Charlotte where they arrested the second homicide suspect - Sergio Perez.

Perez' relatives re-iterated their belief in innocence.

At a search of Perez' home turned up several things, according to the warrant, including marijuana, an empty gun magazine, and two sets of keys.

"That's my cousin I know my cousin. I know my cousin wouldn't do some stupid ... like that," said Jose Frare. "And that comes from the bottom of my heart. I know him. He's no dummy. He's really innocent I believe that."

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