Big warming trend coming for the work week

Big warming trend coming for the work week

(WBTV) - * Ready for the 70s?
* Sun for days!
* Big warm-up!

We had extra bad weather several times this past week. This new week will seem like an extra treat!

The cooler air from Sunday will soon be heating up. Monday will be mostly sunny and highs will return to the mid 70s. (That's just about average for this time of the year.)

By Tuesday, we will head for 80 degrees. The sun sticks around all week. Rain will be nowhere to be found. Highs from Wednesday through Friday will be in the mid 80s.

If you're heading out to the Wells Fargo, great week for it! By next weekend, highs will still be in the low 80s. The rain chance goes up slightly but still only to 20-30 percent.

Have a great week!
Meteorologist Leigh Brock

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