More preps for Wells Fargo tournament after Woods expected to attend

More preps for Wells Fargo tournament after Woods expected to attend

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Rusty's Deli will stock up and staff up for the big Wells Fargo tournament just days away.

"You see some new faces," Peter Acker-Estes says, "A lot of different people coming through, a few of the golfers come by and everybody hangs out."

It is just one of several local spots that see a bit of a boost come tee time.

Over on the green, final preps are also underway for the thousands expected to come through.

"It's 14 to 16-hour days right now but it's fun," Tournament Director Gary Sobba says. "You go on adrenaline."

Crews are finalizing the building phase, which started March 1, and checking logistics. Sobba says that logistics list got a bit longer when Tiger Woods signed on.

"It does change things a little bit," he says. "We'll order more buses. We've had multiple meetings with our concessionaire making certain that his galleries will be large."

That, in addition to food, security, and transportation to accommodate the golf star and crowd he draws. The golfers are all expected to bring big money into the event, and into the city.

"The economic impact of a PGA event is anywhere between 40 and 60 million dollars annually," Sobba syas.

Sobba says ticket sales went up six times the normal daily numbers since it was announced Woods would be participating.

The tournament expects about 40,000 people to be at Quail Hollow.

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