Painted garbage bin in Noda creates more than art

Painted garbage bin in Noda creates more than art
(Steve Crump/WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte's NODA neighborhood is a community that prides itself on art delivered along city sidewalks.

One item designed to take in trash is being hailed as a visual treasure.

A colorful garbage bin has turned into a mural at the hands of artist Osiris Rain.

"Art of this neighborhood as prolific as it is. It's one of the things that adds curb value," he said.

That value is perhaps seen in many painted works along North Davidson.

However, what's been created near the intersection of 35th street according to the City of Charlotte goes too far.

Taiwo Jaiyeoba is Charlotte's Planning Director.

"The current ordinance does not allow us to give special preference to a situation like this," Jaiyeoba said.

One suggestion from the city is fencing it in but does that create a double standard?

Across the street we found one dumpster tagged with graffiti and a block away along the Blue Line Extension the words "runneth over" describes another trash bin.

Mayor ProTem Julie Eislet supports the dumpster.

"If you've got a neighborhood character that encourages the arts that's artistic that's a little more funky. They should be able to have things like this."

For store owners in NODA, the work is not offensive.

Teresa Hernandez operates Pura Vida Worldly Art.

She said, " I think it's fun for visitors to find art in a dumpster."

"NODA has never been a straight to the point cookie cutter place."

Rain feels NODA doesn't often conform to community norms.

"We pride ourselves on breaking the rules a little bit or doing things differently or driving forward being the trend setters for the rest of the city," he said.

Osiris Rain faces a fine of $50 a day.

City officials are waiving the fees as both sides try to find a solution.

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