Severe nausea, 5 hospital stays: Why Ayesha Curry's third pregnancy is her roughest.

Severe nausea, 5 hospital stays: Why Ayesha Curry's third pregnancy is her roughest.

CHARLOTTE, NC (Mike Reader/Charlotte Observer) - Ayesha Curry, like many expectant mothers, posted an update this week, complete with baby bump, of her pregnancy on Instagram.

What separates Curry's post from those of most other pregnant moms wasn't her stylish studded black leather jacket — she revealed that she has been hospitalized five times since January during her third pregnancy.

"6 down 3 to go!" wrote Curry. "Praising God because I can finally eat and cook a little bit again! Pray that it sticks for me y'all! Ive had 5 hospital stays since the new year and have pretty much been sucking at life (at least that's how it's felt.) I think I'm starting to turn a corner though!!!! Woot woot."

TV host and cookbook author Curry, married to NBA superstar Stephen Curry, earlier revealed the cause of her pregnancy problems on her blog.

Ayesha Curry is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a pregnancy complication that is much more intense than morning sickness and can last the entire length of pregnancy, according to WebMD. There's no cure for HG, but it can be managed.

Curry wrote in the blog that "my itty bitty baby is healthy" but that her third pregnancy has been far more trying than her first two.

"This is my third pregnancy and I've gotta tell ya, this one has topped the cake when it comes to being tough and exhausting. I simply cannot wait to have this baby and feel like 'myself again.'"

Kate Middleton, the wife of the likely future king of England, Prince William, suffered from HG during all three of her pregnancies. (The Duchess of Cambridge is due later this month.)

Symptoms of HG may include severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss and dehydration. With that, of course, comes the loss of appetite, tough for a food show host.

"For the past 4 months, I've barely been able to eat let alone cook," Curry wrote. "I don't want to say I'm depressed because I take mental health very seriously but I am truly very very sad. When you can't do what you love all of a sudden because of an uncontrollable situation, it sucks."

While morning sickness generally fades after the first trimester, HG can linger much longer, as in Curry's case.

HG can cause a woman to lose weight, not good during pregnancy. It can cause her kidneys to stop working. A lowered level of electrolytes can cause dizziness, weakness and changes in blood pressure.

Problems with nutrition brought on by the nausea and what can be near constant vomiting can weaken a woman's muscles, leading to the need for more bed rest. HG can make her produce too much saliva, which in turn may intensify her nausea.

Untreated, there 's a higher risk of a baby being born prematurely or with a low birth weight. That can lead to health problems for the baby.

Curry's five hospital stays are an indication that her HG is worse than for most women. As severe as HG can be, only about 5 percent of women need to check into a hospital, WebMD says. A woman's doctor can recommend a course of action to relieve the symptoms.

'An absolute angel'

Despite her health problems, Curry's blog and Instagram post both sounded upbeat tones. In the blog, she notes husband Stephen has "been an absolute angel for me. Always there when I? need him as best he can. ... I just love him and I feel so lucky to be creating a new life with him."

Doctors don't know the cause of HG; recent research points to genetics as a root cause rather than changing hormone levels, as previously thought, according to

The Currys, who met in a youth group at Charlotte's Central Church of God and dated several years before marrying in July 2011, announced the pregnancy in February.

Their third child — the Currys have not publicly indicated a gender — will have two older sisters, Riley, 5, and Ryan, 2.

Ayesha Curry is the host of the Food Network series "Ayesha's Home Kitchen." She was also the co-host of ABC's "The Great American Baking Show," but that was canceled after one of the show's judges, pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini, was accused of sexual harassment and abuse.

As an actress, Curry has appeared in television series such as Disney's "Hannah Montana." Her latest credit on is for the voice of "Fondue Woman" in the recently completed animated comedy "Charming." Demi Lovato, Wilmer Valderrama, Sia, John Cleese and Avril Lavigne also have voice roles in the movie.

Curry's first cookbook, "The Seasoned Life," became a New York Times best-seller. She's also got a family-meal-kit delivery service, Homemade, and has developed a line of cookware.