'Towny McTownFace,' 'Party Town,' 'Lego Land' all write-in votes for Indian Land name change

Wacky town name suggestions
Updated: Apr. 3, 2018 at 1:01 PM EDT
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INDIAN LAND, SC (WBTV) - The last week of March, citizens of the unincorporated town of Indian Land, SC, voted overwhelmingly against incorporating. But on the same ballot used to cast votes was a write-in area asking voters what the town name should be if the resolution were to pass.

More than 700 people wrote in names, with the majority being Indian Land. The alternatives, though, are both disturbing and hysterical.

Several voters must have had their personal names in mind, because names like "Gregville," "Mark's Town," and "Jason Land" got a few votes.

Also on the list: "Kissmybuttburg," "Hell," "Deez Nutsville," and "Poop Land," which got two votes.

"Party Town" and "Fancy Town" were also voter selections.

Could you imagine seeing "Welcome to... Abomination, Idiot Land, or Dingleton" as you drove into the town limits?

Eighty-three percent of residents voted against incorporating the town.

See the entire list of write-in names here.

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