More charges in campus sex assaults, another big storm threatens northeast

Updated: Mar. 13, 2018 at 4:37 AM EDT
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Good morning!  Kristen Miranda in for John Carter this week and we have a lot to tell you to help you start your day.

It is a very chilly start to this Tuesday, March 13th...but I think Al Conklin will have some good news for us all.  It sounds like there could be some sun shining down on us today.  We'll have to see if that helps the temperatures at all, though.

A string of sexual assaults around college campuses in Charlotte are being linked to one man who now faces even more charges.  Charges against David Kenney are growing and the latest accusations against him may be the most violent yet.

We are getting our first look at four people who are now in jail after a hit and run involving a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer.

Do you remember the blizzard in Boone that dropped 33 inches of snow on the college town?  We are looking back today because it is a milestone anniversary of the storm.

New England is preparing for the THIRD nor'easter to hit in a couple of weeks.  Blizzard conditions and strong winds...but it is the snow that will be the issue.  Schools in Boston are already closed today.   Micah Smith is in the Alert Center following preparations.

A warning this morning about buying NCAA tournament tickets.

Could the amount of makeup you wear affect how your colleagues perceive you?  New research about what people think of those who wear heavy makeup.

A man is trapped under a car in South Carolina for hours and is about to give up calling for help - when an unlikely hero comes to the rescue.  That story is in our 6:30am half hour.

And a warning for parents about a music app your kids might be using and the results you probably don't want them to see if they search certain words and phrases.

Christine Sperow and I, along with the rest of the team, will see you on WBTV News This Morning when you wake up!