North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore creates committee amid FL HS shooting

North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore creates committee amid FL HS shooting

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Local students are raising their voices, joining the millions of others across the country who are demanding gun-control, following the deadly school shooting in Florida.

On Tuesday, students in Gaston County walked out of class to protest, chanting for change and there is at least one local lawmaker who hears them, hoping to ensure safety for students across the state.

North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore, who is a father himself, is creating what's called the School Safety Committee. It's bipartisan group that will study and implement ways to make all schools in North Carolina safer.

"I don't want to come to a place where I'm supposed to feel safe and know that's not happening," said one South Point High Student who walked out of class in protest of safer conditions.

Eleven other students at South Point also walked out of school to raise gun safety awareness, possibly facing the risk of a 10-day suspension.

"Enough is enough," the students chanted in protest.

Moore says he's listening.

"We're doing all we can to make sure North Carolina schools are the safest in the country," Speaker Moore said during a press conference.

Moore has created a committee of 41 members - all who are both democrats and republicans that will study the inner-workings of school security across the state to find any loop holes in student safety.

"This is a real committee that does work," he added.

The school safety committee is set to focus on mental health too. Moore added that the issue of protecting school aged kids has various layers.

"If this were an easy fix, we would be here talking about this right now," Moore said.

The school safety committee will meet for the first time in the coming weeks. School districts will be allowed to add input  to better serve students according to Speaker Moore.

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