Crime Stoppers: Hair extensions stolen from beauty store

Crime Stoppers: Hair extensions stolen from beauty store
Updated: Feb. 14, 2018 at 8:33 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Three women break into a beauty supply store and steal all the hair extensions they can carry out. It may not sound like much, but the store's loss runs in the tens of thousands.

The iBeauty-210 shop on North Tryon has rows and rows of nothing but hair in every shape, style, texture, and length. They also come in varying degrees of price.

The most expensive, the Brazilian extensions, are kept on a wall in the back corner. And days before the break-in, surveillance video shows three women who were very interested in the display.

"We believe these women came into the store a couple days prior to the break-in," said CMPD Detective Brandon Miller. "We have on video our suspects who spent a majority of their time in the store, right by the items that were stolen."

Days later, at 4 a.m., surveillance video shows two well-disguised figures throwing a brick through the front door to break in. With an alarm sounding, they quickly go to the back of the store and collect the good stuff - the Brazilian hair. They load up their arms and run out to a waiting dark Nissan Altima where the third member of the crew was waiting.

"Manager says approximately 300 packs of one of their most expensive hair."

And 300 packs equate to an estimated $24,000 in losses. That's a lot of money for something as unusual as an all-female burglary.

"It is very rare, you don't see many females breaking into businesses or doing anything for that matter."

As police analyzed the video, they saw one heavyset woman wearing a black top, and another, thinner women wearing orange. The third member was difficult to see. Yet, detectives have linked those three with the crime.

"We're looking at the facial features, the build of these females, and the overall mannerisms of these females," the detective explained.

Police say they do have fingerprints taken from one of the bags they dropped on the way out. Detective Miller also says this bunch may have hit another nearby business.

"We had a break-in the same night at another beauty supply store, same M.O. The only thing this time is they stole wigs."

Obviously, they can make a ton of money re-selling these items on the street.

Call 704-334-1600 and let's trim them from the hair stealing business. Crime Stoppers pays big rewards without knowing who you are.

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