Raleigh lawyer faces 10-count indictment stemming from WBTV investigation

Raleigh lawyer faces 10-count indictment stemming from WBTV investigation

RALEIGH, NC (WBTV) - Raleigh attorney and lobbyist Mark Bibbs faces ten criminal charges stemming from an investigation by the North Carolina Secretary of State's Office that was prompted by a WBTV investigation.

Court records show a Wake County grand jury returned the indictment against Bibbs on Tuesday, February 6, 2018. Bibbs faces two counts of felony obstruction of justice, two counts of felony conspiracy to obstruct justice, one count of felony perjury, four counts of lobbying without registration and one count of conspiracy to lobby without registration.

WBTV began investigating Bibbs in 2016 related to allegations he improperly worked as a lobbyist without being registered to do so.

State law requires lobbyists to register with the North Carolina Secretary of State's Office. Emails obtained by WBTV showed Bibbs had attempted to influence lawmakers regarding legislation that would impact his client, Cannon Surety, during the 2016 short session but he was not registered.

In September 2017, WBTV obtained copies of search warrants filed by criminal investigators with the Secretary of State's Office detailing a criminal investigation into Bibbs' lobbying.

The search warrants said investigators began investigating Bibbs after WBTV's report in August 2016.

Additional search warrants unsealed in December 2017 related to the ongoing criminal investigation that said Bibbs had admitted to lobbying without being registered.

Neither Bibbs nor his attorney immediately responded to a request for comment. Bibbs has previously declined to speak with WBTV regarding this and other related stories.

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