7 years later, teen passionate about meteorology continues to report the weather

7 years later, teen passionate about meteorology continues to report the weather

LINCOLNTON, NC (WBTV) - Seven years after a Lincoln County boy was featured on WBTV for his passion for meteorology, he is still sharing his love for the weather years later.

On Wednesday, much of the WBTV viewing area enjoyed the first snowfall of 2018. Winter Storm Warnings were in effect across the entire Piedmont of North and South Carolina. Many areas including the greater Charlotte region saw 2" - 4" inches of snow. For one Lincolnton teen, the snow allowed him to live out his dream of being a meteorologist.

C.J. Powell was featured on WBTV's Kristen Hampton Good News segment in 2011 when he was just 6-years-old. In 2011, Powell was unlike every other child who wanted to sled or have snowball fights. Instead, he couldn't wait to get outside and do a weather report.

In 2011, Powell was a first grader at Lincoln Charter School. Back then, his mother would video tape him while he did "live" reports for an imaginary audience. It seems like things didn't change much as the now 13-year-old still loves to report on all things weather related.

"This is just amazing...," Powell said in the video. "We have about a few inches...maybe one or two. It's that good hard snow that you can throw at people like I just did."

Powell's mother, Kim Fisher, said he shares his passion for meteorology with his love of baseball. "He loves baseball and dreams of playing in the Majors one day but knows he needs to plan to go to college and his interest is meteorology," Fisher said. "He watches the weather channel as much as he watches baseball!"

Here are two more videos that Fisher posted on Facebook in 2014 and 2016 of her son reporting about the ice and snow.

Who knows...he may be working at WBTV one day reporting on the weather!

You can find Hampton's original story on the Lincolnton "weather man" here.

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