Can't get baby to sleep? Try the Millette Method

Millette method helping babies sleep
Updated: Jan. 15, 2018 at 5:39 AM EST
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ASHEVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Having a baby is one of the biggest blessings for a family! But those nighttime feedings get tiring and leave many parents praying their baby starts sleeping through the night, which is one of the more challenging phases for parent and child.

There's a method one North Carolina woman is teaching families here and elsewhere to help everyone, baby included, get a restful night's sleep!

"His name is Jackson and he's 16 1/2 pounds. The cutest baby in the world of course!"

New mom Jennifer Miller had her first baby in September and after a couple months, she says, he begun to have trouble staying asleep. "It was around Thanksgiving he started sleeping through the night and I was just like oh my gosh, what just happened, this is amazing! And maybe like 2-3 weeks ago, he started waking up again."

If you're experiencing restless nights with your little one too, Dr. Meggan Hartman, who is a pediatric sleep consultant, could come to the rescue!

"I probably have a 90-95 percent success rate," Dr. Hartman said.  She's talking about using what's called the Millette Method, which is an "interdisciplinary" and "evidence-based sleep approach" that is "outside of the box," according to her website.

To create a plan for your baby to sleep through the night, Hartman would first have to learn a lot about your family's habits through an intake and extensive survey.

"We take into consideration how is mom doing? How is the marriage doing? What are actual nighttime feeds, where is the child developmentally? What are the parents game for, what are they not game for? What are the parents values around sleep? Do they want a low/no cry method? Or do they want a crying method?" Hartman said. "So, it really meets the family where they are and we really look at the family intimately in keeping the ball moving forward in reaching their sleep needs."

From there, Hartman says most families start using the plan for their nighttime routine. "How do we put the child to bed, how do we gear child up for it, what prep work do we need to do, what method we're going to use in the middle of the night when the child is awake, how slow we want to go, how fast we want to go," Hartman explains.

While implementing the plan, it can be modified based on how your baby responds. Miller says she's not resorting to this method so early into her motherhood journey. "It's my first baby and it's a learning process," says Miller.

But for Hartman's clients they know they won't go it alone. She is with them every step of the way through the process. "Yes, every step of the way," Hartman reiterates.

Hartman is based out of Asheville but says she has several clients in Charlotte and even international.

Hartman also said some of the more traditional methods that are used to help baby sleep at night are going for a ride in the car, leaving a pacifier in the crib or the self-soothe method. You can click on this link to hear Hartman's feedback regarding these more traditional methods.

Here's Hartman's feedback on self-soothing.

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