First Alert Day today, arrest in 7-Eleven killing

Updated: Dec. 20, 2017 at 4:08 AM EST
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Good morning!  Kristen Miranda here with you this morning and believe it or not you are just days away from the Christmas weekend!

First you have to get through this First Alert Day.  We expect a fair amount of rain today so I want to make sure you hear what Al Conklin has to say before you head out the door.  We also have Storm 3 on the roads showing you conditions across the area LIVE all morning long.

We've been following a BREAKING story overnight.  Remember the 7-Eleven clear who was killed about two weeks ago in Charlotte?  Police have made an arrest in the case.  Two men in custody, one in his 20's and one in his 40's.  You'll want to see the live report from Caroline Hicks about how they were caught.

Also late last night the US Senate passed the new tax plan.  It will head to the house today so we're looking at the chances it will get the President's signature today as well.

Did you hear about this new feature Facebook is rolling out?  It will help you get pictures of yourself that you're just not comfortable with off of other people's pages.  We'll tell you how it works in the 6am hour.

We'll also ask you to weigh in on our viewer vote for the morning.  The list of most annoying words for 2017 has been released and we want to know if you agree with the top three.

There is a lot to get to this morning.  John Carter and I are headed into the studio with Al, Chris Larson and Micah Smith in a few minutes.  When you wake up make sure you turn your TV to WBTV so we can get you caught up!

Have a great day!