BLOG: Freezing fog possible for some areas this morning

BLOG: Freezing fog possible for some areas this morning

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This morning we have temperatures below freezing with 100% humidity in some areas. Fog has developed in these places and until temps come up above 32° it will be freezing fog. This could lead to isolated slick patches, especially along bridges and overpasses early this morning so if you drive through any morning fog be careful!

Freezing fog occurs when the water droplets that the fog is composed of are "supercooled" due to the temperatures being below freezing. Supercooled water remains in the liquid state until it comes into contact with a surface upon which it can freeze- like with freezing rain. With fog, the water droplets are suspended in the air as a cloud, so it's not as dangerous as freezing rain, but any object the freezing fog comes into contact with will become coated with ice.

Specifically this morning there is fog in the Rock Hill area, and the National Weather Service has highlighted the stretch of I-77 from Rock Hill to Lake Wylie as being most at risk for freezing fog this morning.

Once temperatures come up above freezing by mid-morning and the fog burns off, the afternoon will actually shape up to be quite nice- sunny with highs near 60°!

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