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Charlotte apps to bank on - BB&T
Published: Oct. 25, 2017 at 1:03 PM EDT|Updated: Oct. 26, 2017 at 7:41 AM EDT
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Credit: Bank of America
Credit: Bank of America
Credit: Wells Fargo
Credit: Wells Fargo
Credit: BB&T
Credit: BB&T

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The number one activity on a mobile banking app is checking the balance in your accounts. That's according to a spokesperson from BB&T who says their company has taken that nugget of information and incorporated it into a super-consumer friendly feature on their app.

The "U" mobile app allows you to get balance updates really fast.  You can view the balance of the accounts that you select right on the first screen of the app without logging in at all.  When you want to log in to the app, you can utilize touch ID which allows you to log into the mobile apps by using a fingerprint instead of of a password.

Even if you use your bank's app every day, sometimes there are features you just don't know exist.  That's why WBTV called several banks that operate in the Charlotte area to see which features they are very proud of that customers might not know about.

Wells Fargo has 300 ATMs around the Charlotte region and you can use them without having your bank card.  You use your mobile app to request an eight digit access code and you can enter that plus your PIN to conduct ATM transactions.  The company is also starting to slowly update their ATMs so you will be able to use any smartphone equipped with a mobile wallet (ex. Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay or Wells Fargo Wallet) to conduct business at a Wells Fargo ATM.

On the PNC bank mobile banking app, you can easily move money between your accounts by doing something called "Punch The Pig."  There's a little pig icon on the app.  If you want to pop 20 dollars into savings, you can set it up to do that each time you punch the pig.  It is a way to make saving fun.  When you do it on your computer instead of the app, the pig oinks.

Bank of America wants their app to be simple for you to do all of your transactions quickly and easily.  You can customize your mobile dashboard based on the features you use most.  It is a one-screen view that gives you all of your financial information in one place.  An extra feature about the app is that it allows you to deposit a check simply by taking a picture of the front and back.

Mobile banking apps get regular updates just like the rest of the apps you use, so make sure you are getting those updates.  The updates will cover new features but will also keep you up-to-date on the latest security protections.

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