First Alert Monday, storm cleanup continues

Updated: Oct. 9, 2017 at 5:15 AM EDT
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Good morning!  An important thing to tell you as you wipe the sleep from your eyes - it is a First Alert Day!

Kristen Miranda here with you this morning...and we want to make sure you head out on this Monday morning prepared for the weather to come.  Chris Larson says there's a chance we'll have some thunderstorms this afternoon.

Thankfully nothing like we saw across the area late in the day Sunday.  Cleveland, Burke, Caldwell Counties all dealing with tornado warnings and emergency crews in some of those areas swear what they saw were tornadoes.  We'll see what the National Weather Service says when they go out today and assess the damage.

Caldwell County schools are on a two hour delay this morning, though.  There was so much damage and debris down in yards in roadways that a little extra time to clear pathways will be helpful.  We will have live reports from Micah Smith in Caldwell County this morning to show us some unbelievable pictures.

I'm also keeping an eye on power outages in the Alert Center as some people are still dealing with the effects of the storms.

Other news we are following this morning...

One week ago at this time we were getting the first reports of how many people had been shot in Las Vegas.  If you'll recall, over the course of the morning news, the death toll went from two to 50 plus.  We will show you how one week later was marked by people in Las Vegas last night.

Two more homicides in Charlotte over the weekend.  We'll tell you about the victims and the search for their killers.

Did you hear why Vice President Mike Pence left the Colts game yesterday?

There's a new Dove ad that is getting a little heat this morning for a "transformation" it shows and now Dove is apologizing.

And a big ut-oh with the new iPhone 8.

Finally if you want to re-live that Panthers win yesterday...we have you covered!

I'm in for Christine, David Whisenant is in for John, and Chris Larson is filling in for Al....

Be sure to watch WBTV as you get ready for your day.