One year later: Rakeyia Scott talks one-on-one about the day her husband was shot by a CMPD officer

One year later: Rakeyia Scott talks one-on-one about the day her husband was shot by a CMPD officer

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - One year ago, Rakeyia Scott walked out of her northeast Charlotte apartment to see her husband at the center of an encounter with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officers.

In the minutes to follow, 43-year-old Keith Scott would be shot and killed by Officer Brentley Vinson. Vinson and other officers were at the complex serving a warrant on another person when they say they spotted Scott sitting in his vehicle smoking marijuana.

On the one-year anniversary of the shooting, Rakeyia sat down one-on-one with WBTV about the moment her life changed forever.

"I told him I was going inside the house to charge my phone. But I couldn't sit still charging my phone. And I just went out the back door and saw them posted up against my husband telling him to drop the gun that he never had," she said.

Rakeyia recorded the incident on her cell phone. In the video that spread quickly on social media, she's is heard saying "Keith, don't do it." Questions were raised as to what she meant, but she said she wasn't talking to her husband.

"There's a pause in between there because there is so much going on. I'm looking at him, I'm looking at the officers. I'm speaking to the officers, but at the same time I'm still trying to focus on my husband," she said.

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Hours after the shooting, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) Chief Kerr Putney held a press conference saying his officer believed he was in danger when Scott got out of his vehicle with a handgun. Police say Scott ignored multiple commands to drop his weapon.

"People watch the video all the time of what actually happened but I see that daily. It plays in my head daily. I see his clothes, I see his body, I see it all," she said.

Days later, CMPD released photos of the gun and an ankle holster they say Scott was wearing when he was shot. To this day, Rakeyia believes her husband did not have a gun.

"I don't care what they provided. I was with this man daily. I know what he had and what he didn't. I would have been the first to know if he had a weapon," she told WBTV.

Officer Vinson later told police, "I felt like if I didn't do anything right then at that point, it's like he... he was gonna shoot me or he's gonna shoot one of my buddies and it was gonna happen right now, so I reacted. I was the only one that had a decent backdrop."

Rakeyia still questions if Vinson was the officer who shot her husband.

"Well, at this point, following all the video, I will take that Officer Vinson shot my husband. As I said before, that's not how it played down. It's not how it went down before my eyes. I was there," she said.

In the days after the shooting, details surfaced about Scott's past and a restraining order his wife had taken out on him. Rakeyia doesn't deny those facts, but said they had nothing to do with the way he died.

"He was human. He had his flaws just as everyone else does. And that wasn't him. It didn't bother me to bring out the past. We all have a past," she said.

As word of the shooting spread on social media, crowds started gathering on Old Concord Road. That began a week of protests that at some moments erupted in violence throughout uptown Charlotte.

"It was hard because I don't even know what my feelings were on that day, at that moment. And with all of that going on it hurt. I understood. I understood, but it hurt," she said.

WBTV asked if she believed the protests were necessary.

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"I won't say it wasn't. Just not to that extent. Not to that extreme," she said.

In November, after an investigation by the Mecklenburg County District Attorney, Vinson was exonerated.

"It hurt but I expected it. I didn't expect anything less. Hope for the best. But I've seen it enough to know they're always let free. They're always able to leave and go home to their family, but my husband couldn't come home to his," she said.

One year later, Rakeyia has moved and tries to stay busy with her seven children and five grandchildren. But the memories of September 20, 2016, will never fade in her mind.

She starred down the camera as I asked what she'd tell Officer Vinson about her husband.

"You murdered a good man. You left us without the rock of our family," she said. "No matter what you heard, that was the rock of our family."

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