Homicide investigation in east CLT, protests in AZ

Updated: Aug. 23, 2017 at 3:58 AM EDT
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Good morning!  Welcome to the mid-week...we have plenty to tell you about.  Kristen Miranda in for Christine Sperow this morning...here's what we have for you...

Right now, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are investigating a homicide in east Charlotte.  It is at one of those sweepstakes businesses...our Micah Smith is on scene and will have live reports.

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools board member is publicly apologizing after he posted a meme online that drew a lot of criticism.

Protesters in Arizona clash with police following President Trump's speech last night.  This went into the overnight hours and we have new video to show you.

And three people are in custody this morning after a protest on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill.  The latest on the statue of Silent Sam.

If you're looking for a job we have the results of a new survey that lists the best jobs to have without a college degree.

And if you want to quit your job, or just retire wealthy, The big Powerball drawing is tonight.  $700 million, friends.

John, Al, Chris and I will see you when the news begins at 4:30am!