83-year-old man gets Lamborghini surprise for his birthday

83-year-old man gets Lamborghini surprise for his birthday

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Donald Hambright was blindfolded on the afternoon of his 83rd birthday, just long enough for the staff at Peak Resources to get him outside.

Once there, he got the surprise of his lifetime - his "whole lifetime," he said.

"The first thing I thought was, 'how did they manage to pull this off?'" Hambright said of the jet black Italian sports car sitting in the front drive of his assisted living facility.

The car wasn't his to keep, but nonetheless, every second he spent in its rich leather seats was a treasure he'll never forget.

The surprise was the culmination of a life-long dream for Hambright.

Jessica Hickson is the activities director at Peak Resources. Last year, she overheard Hambright talking about wanting a Lamborghini for his birthday. She scoured Wal-Mart stores for days until she found the Matchbox version.

It was even the yellow color he specified.

Hickson and Hambright are best friends. Though dozens of years apart in age, the two get along well and are self-described "best buddies."

Hickson decided her buddy's 83rd birthday would be unforgettable. She took to social media begging for anyone with access to the six-figure car. It didn't take long.

Metrolina Auto Group in Charlotte volunteered one of their cars for the dream ride.

"It scared Cheryl the administrator to death when I told her how fast we went. But I was excited beyond words," Hambright said of the ride.

He's keeping their top speed a secret. But there's no doubt it's a birthday present he'll never stop talking about.

"83-years-old and this is the best birthday I ever had."

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